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A tour of her heritage: Singer-song writer Josée Vachon duets with husband President Cevallos

By Cesareo Contreras

Performer Josée Vachon showed everyone her talent, April 27 in the Ecumenical Center, when she led them all in song and gave them a tour of her heritage as part of the Presidential Inauguration events happening this week.

Born in Quebec, Canada, Vachon’s native language is French and the majority of the songs she sang during the performance were in her native tongue. However, a few of her songs were trilingual, English, Spanish and French. She clacked her feet as she played the guitar in some of her performance, showcasing her family’s heritage.

Songs ranged from her own original work, like “Butter,” a song about her love for fatty foods that she can no longer eat dedicated to the anniversary of FSU’s Food Study Program. She also sang a few classics, including her rendition of the track like “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole. Vachon, married to FSU’s President, F. Javier Cevallos, blended French and English verses throughout the track.

Vachon dedicated one of her songs to her hometown in Quebec, which had a tragic train derailment in 2013 and 47 lives were lost.

During the performance, President Cevallos joined his wife, Vachon, on stage to play guitar and captivated the audience with a 1970’s song from Quebec.

Vachon said, she was happy to introduce herself to the campus and was thrilled to start the week of Inauguration.


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