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Christian Fellowship dances away the stress of a new semester

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Members of Christian Fellowship dancing along to the Just Dance screen

By Emily Rosenberg

Associate Editor

Christian Fellowship hosted a Just Dance night on Miles Bibb Lawn on Wednesday Sept. 14 as a way to welcome students to the organization.

Just Dance is a game where a mannequin-like figure dances to a pop song on a screen, while players dance along and match their movements. The player who gets the most dance moves correct scores the most points.

Tyler Westfall, sophomore health and wellness major, said he was excited to play Just Dance with his friends who were involved in the club because he had a lot of fond memories.

“When I was in third or fourth grade my babysitter came over and had never played before. We showed him the game and he got so into it and we just played Just Dance for like three hours a night every night,” he said.

Emma Jackson, junior criminology major, said her favorite editions of Just Dance were the older ones she played when she was younger. She said although she wasn’t really religious, she was excited to play the game and try to make friends.

Michael Capello, senior computer science major, said it was nice to be able to attend the event because it can sometimes be “impossible” to be involved on campus as a commuter.

“If you don’t go to events like this, you never really feel included in the student population, especially as a commuter,” he said.

Rebecca Gerfen, junior management major and social media manager of Christian Fellowship, said the club organized the event because it was popular last year. Gerfen herself joined the club at last year's Just Dance night after having a lot of fun.

Katie Hansson, junior elementary education major and community outreach coordinator for Christian Fellowship, said her favorite Just Dance was Just Dance 2013 because she remembers having a lot of fun playing with her brothers.

Ben Diehl, senior computer science major and treasurer of Christian Fellowship, said although he never played Just Dance before, he was excited for the outcome of the event.

“It gives us more exposure.”

Lily Borst, senior business management major and president of Christian Fellowship, said their goal for the semester was to build on the community they have and host more faith-based events.

Hansson said she hopes the club reaches a wider base on campus this academic year. “I want everyone to feel welcome.”

Borst said more events that are in store for the club are Yard Game Olympics, Pumpkin Painting, a yoga night, as well as the beginning of a discussion series about what it means to “live to the truth” - the school’s motto.


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