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The Gatepost Editorial: Creating lasting memories 

By The Gatepost Editorial Board

Graduation is fast approaching for some of us, bringing a time of reflection on our college experience. 

What will we remember when we leave Framingham State?

Will it be that 8:30 class in the second semester of sophomore year that you sometimes slept through?

Or will it be that test you spent all night cramming for - and then you found out your professor postponed it to the following week? 

Most of these details will be forgotten as you move on into the “real world.”

What most students remember when they graduate from college is the relationships they formed, some even turning into lifelong friendships or partnerships.

Students might also remember the skills they learned in classes that they were able to apply to internships and eventual jobs. 

College is a crucial time. What you learn both inside and outside of the classroom will be directly translated into your life and job after graduation.

If you are not graduating in May, one way to make impactful memories is to join a student organization while you are still at FSU. 

There is a plethora of opportunities to showcase your abilities while also meeting new peers and making new friends.

You can join any club - from Chess Club to Fashion Club, both clubs, or any club in between!

You can even create your own club - all you need is two people, an idea, and a willingness to create an inclusive, productive, and memorable space for you and your peers.

As the members of The Gatepost editorial board reflect on their most memorable experiences at Framingham State we think of, well, The Gatepost - with many members also involved in Hilltop, FSAB, WDJM, and other student organizations on campus.

Being a part of a student organization while in college is important because it gives you an opportunity to apply what you learned in class in a space where you can grow from both your mistakes and successes while balancing social relationships and coursework. 

Student-led organizations are student-led, providing a unique opportunity for students to take on leadership roles to boost their resumes and get more involved at their University.

Clubs are a perfect place to hone your skills and learn ways to adapt to possible adversity in a safe space where you are supported by your peers.

The Gatepost editorial board acknowledges and commends student leaders - such as those who run the SGA, Outing Club, and Black Student Union, as well as many others - for creating and maintaining a space for excellence and serving as a point of pride for the University.

This is why joining a student-led organization can be so impactful, because at Framingham State, they are held to high standards, while also providing a space for students to learn and grow.

The most important learning students can accomplish during their time in college is what is cultivated in these co-curricular environments. 

There are multiple ways for academic departments to better support these vital experiences while increasing the learning of their students. 

For example, students with a political science major should be encouraged to attend or even join SGA. 

Students with a studio art or English major should be encouraged to join the literary and art magazine, The Onyx, or the student newspaper, The Gatepost.

There are also opportunities for business majors in almost every student organization to become a treasurer to manage student funds. 

The ability to graduate with published work or to enact impactful, measurable changes to an organization or the University is definitely a resume booster that shows a student was motivated to create change and apply their learning in areas outside of the classroom.

Reach out to student organizations at FSU and find out how you can start making Framingham State a better place for all students to learn and thrive.  

Finally, congratulations to those of you graduating this year! 



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