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Flavor of Love

By Kristen Pinto

How much would you pay for a date with one of FSU’s :nest bachelors and bachelorettes?

Last Thursday, Feb. 6, FSU’s Student Government Association hosted “Flavor of Love,” a fundraising event where students were invited to bid money to win a date with one of 16 contestants.

Hosts Christopher Hajack, publicity chair of SGA along with Psychology Professor Christina Mihal, acting as true auctioneers, introduced each contestant as they waited to be bid on by their peers.

The bids often started at $20. Students stood on stage while the hosts read a biography about them off of a slideshow presentation in the background, one at a time. Then the bidding began, where the relatively large and primarily female audience were finally given the opportunity to support charity and win a date.

One student in particular, Zach Desantis, had the highest bid of the night as two students battled back and forth. The winning bid was $75.

Mike Charles, Mark Anderson, Mike Awiszus, and Molly Messman had the next highest bids, at $40 each. The remaining contestants also had success with their bids, raising a total of $532.

The dates took place immediately following the event. Contestants and their lucky dates met in the McCarthy Center to enjoy hot cocoa and freshly baked cookies with an opportunity to kindle their newfound romances within the allotted half-hour date time slot. The cookies and hot cocoa were provided by SGA.

SGA class and club treasurer Ally Epstein announced that they would be donating 20 percent of the funds raised to the Anthony Spinnelli Fund, a group supporting an FSU student who was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident last October. The remaining money went to SGA.



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