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Framingham and Westfield draw thanks to Pallotta’s goal

By Melina Bourdeau

The Lady Rams tied their game at Westfield State on Oct. 9.

Framingham fought the majority of the first half in its defensive half.

Westfield started the game with a corner kick by Lexi Kulik, followed by a shot by Nicole Gay and another corner from Kulik.

Framingham’s Sara Sullivan saved every shot on net until the 42nd minute when Westfield’s Amanda Magri scored her 2rst goal of the season.

Framingham entered into the second half the same way they started the first – on the defensive, with multiple shots on net in the first five minutes.

Then the Lady Rams turned the ball over and Angela Pallotta scored off a pass by Michaela Hyland.

The remainder of the half, like the rest of the match, remained equally contested. Westfield had seven shots and Framingham had five.

After 90 minutes, the teams remained tied at 1-1, leading into an overtime period.

There were only two shots in the 10-minute overtime made by Westfield, but neither team scored.

In a second 10-minute overtime, neither team maintained possession long enough to get a shot on net, leaving the final score tied at 1-1.


Framingham suffered a loss of 2-0 against Wentworth on Oct. 14 at home.

Although Marissa Miele began the game for Framingham with a shot wide, the Lady Rams shot seven times to Wentworth’s nine in the half.

Sullivan had four saves in the half and the remaining five shots from Wentworth missed wide or high.

The first half continued to be a battle for both teams, finishing scoreless on each side.

Beginning in the second, Framingham attempted to get points on the board from Megan White with a shot wide followed by another from Lambrini Varetimos two minutes later.

Miele and White tied for the most shots in the game, both with 2ve. The Lady Rams took seven shots in the second half, with a total of 14 for the game.

After a foul on Framingham, Wentworth’s Mary Pastorelli took a free kick from 38 yards out soaring over Sullivan, scoring the first goal of the game.

Ten minutes later, after a shot was saved from Sullivan, Ali Leach of Wentworth scored on a rebound.

The score remained 2-0 Wentworth for the remainder of the half.

The next game for the Lady Rams will be on Oct. 17 hosting Salem State at 11 a.m.


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