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FSU holds final 175th anniversary celebration

By Mark Wadland

U.S. Rep. Katherine Clark [D-Mass.] arrived at Framingham State University Monday to read a

proclamation celebrating the University’s 175th anniversary from President Barack Obama.

In the proclamation, Obama stated, “With hard work, nothing is beyond our reach.”

Clark said, “We have so many wonderful universities [in Massachusetts]. ... And that connection makes it a wonderful district and country.”

The proclamation will be displayed outside the McCarthy Center Forum.

In honor of FSU’s 175th anniversary, administrators announced Monday in front of roughly 60 students and faculty that a time capsule will be buried underneath the sidewalk outside of Hemenway Hall following the completion of the addition.

Among the items buried, the capsule will include a Framingham State University pennant, a 2014 map of FSU, several notes from students explaining their reasons for attending and what they like about the school and a letter from FSU President F. Javier Cevallos to the Class of 2064.

Brandon Martinez and Molly Buckley, both interns for SILD, created a video for the time capsule, so that students 50 years from now will be able to see how the university looked in 2014.

Martinez said he and Buckley asked students several questions, and most “froze” when asked what they think they’ll be doing 50 years from now.

Others, however, knew they would like to come back in 2064.

Michelle McGonagle, a senior sociology major, said, “I love FSU and I would love to see the community in 50 years. I think it was really great how faculty, students, staff and alumni” came together to celebrate the 175th.

Kaylee Brazell, a sophomore chemistry major and the president of the Class of 2017, said, “I think I’ll come back because I love FSU. I thought they did a great job – they always do a great job.”

Susanne Conley, vice president for enrollment and student development, said, “[FSU has] a very old history and a very proud history.”

FSU alumnus Larry Liuzzo, former president of SGA, said, “I hope I will be here” when the Class of 2064 opens the time capsule.

Riley Fallon, a senior elementary education major, said, “I am currently the president of SUAB, so I have a lot of ties to this school. I think the 175th is a great way to commemorate this school.”

Cevallos said he is happy to be part of the 175th anniversary. “We depend on our government to help us educate the people of the commonwealth. ... We’re proud to carry on this tradition for 175 years.”



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