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FSU Student Assaulted

By James Sheridan

What started as a verbal altercation over a request for a cigarette resulted in one Framingham State student left bruised and bleeding outside of 81 Salem End Rd. on Nov. 1, according to FSU officials.

According to The MetroWest Daily News, Barnaby Pierre, Oluwatobi Ajewole and Daniel Say were all arrested by Framingham Police that morning.

In a report released by FSU Police, all three were arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (a shod foot) and disorderly conduct.

One of the men arrested, Daniel Say, is a senior at FSU.

According to the report the altercation began when a young woman was asked for a cigarette at a party. When she told the man who asked her that she did not have a cigarette, he continued to ask and eventually started to use profanity toward her, becoming aggressive.

“At some point an altercation ensued and [the woman] was slapped in the face. A fight then ensued and more people got involved and that is what led to [the victim] being kicked in the face,” the report said.

The victim of the attack was brought to the MetroWest Medical Center via ambulance after being placed on a stretcher with a neck brace.

According to the report, the victim along with a group of eyewitnesses was discovered by an officer on a routine patrol. “I stopped the cruiser in the road to see why the group was in the middle of the road and what they were doing. ... I could see that [the victim’s] face was badly bruised and bleeding.”

While investigating the incident, police approached three males who then fled into the woods between Salem End and Adams roads.

Framingham police apprehended one man. Another was found hiding under a truck in the parking lot of AOI Sushi Restaurant by Campus Police. Daniel Say, a resident of North Hall, was arrested when campus police were notified that he used his ID card to attain access to his residence hall.

According to the MetroWest Daily News, all three men were released after pleading not guilty at their Framingham District Court arraignments on Friday on condition that they not contact any of the victims or witnesses.

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