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‘Halloween Ends’ or does it?

Courtesy of IMDb

By Ryan Schreiber

Staff Writer

I walked into the movie theater to see “Halloween Ends,” and was immediately greeted by a Michael Meyers look-alike wielding a knife and pretending to stab my sister.

When I first saw the trailer I was excited that this franchise is hopefully going to end.

I hated the new rebooted trilogy and was disgusted with the way they portrayed certain characters. Why bring back legacy characters who are weak and can’t even put up a fight?

The movie opens up with a flashback on a brand new character who we are going to follow throughout the movie. Corey Cunningham, a babysitter who is terrible at babysitting, and accidentally sends a little child down three floors to his death.

The movie jumps three years later, to see Laurie Strode writing a memoir and her granddaughter Allyson working as a nurse. Allyson runs into Corey after he had an encounter with high school bullies. This turns into one of the most questionable relationships ever.

Corey then gets jumped by the bullies again and encounters Michael Meyers - the rest is exhausting.

I hated almost every single minute of this movie. I hated Corey and everything they tried to do with him. I hated that the writers made him best friends with the enemy and portrayed him as possessed.

The writers made the new main character, Corey, so insufferable and boring to watch.

I also hated that they brought back legacy characters only for short cameos where they were murdered.

When you bring back legacy characters, don't kill them, but that is what this movie did.

I hate this movie so much!

Another thing I hated was it didn't feel connected to the other films. It wasn’t consistent with the 2018 film, “Halloween” and its follow up, “Halloween Kills.” The other two movies focused on the long lasting fight between Michael and Laurie. This film focuses on a whole new character.

You might not believe it, but this movie had a redeeming quality.

Something this movie did extremely well was its thrilling murder scenes. As a horror fan, these scenes were enjoyable to watch. For example, Margot was run over and got stuck under a gate. The killer came over and stomped her head in.

Executed with a lot of gore, this type of kill was unique and exciting. It is something I’ve never seen before in a horror film. Hats off to director David Gordon Green.

The writers also brought back an iconic death scene where Michael stabs someone against a wall and somehow a knife holds them up.

However, some kills were executed off screen. These murders left people with only a few drops of blood on them, and were not nearly as thrilling as Margot’s death. When deaths happen off screen, it is disappointing because the audience does not get the same juicy detail as they do with on-screen kills.

Green deserves respect for not rehashing the same formula that all the others followed. It's nice to see something different if you do it well, but he fell flat doing so.

I really hope this movie is the actual end of a 44-year saga.

But we were teased with Michael Meyers’ mask sitting on a table. Horror fans will know when the camera pans to a mask at the end of the film, it usually means there's going to be another sequel.

I really hope there isn’t.

D+: Halloween needs to end.



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