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In memory of Dayala Vilvalex

By Bailey Morrison

FSU alumna Dayala Vilvalex died Monday, June 19. Vilvalex was 24 years old.

Vilvalex graduated from Framingham State University in 2014 with a degree in criminology and a minor in sociology.

Dayala is remembered by her sister, Stacy Vilvalex, as an inspirational person who would “light up the room” when she walked in.

She added, “Everyone has their moments, but Dayala always came from the best place ... and I think life just got to her. ... I can’t think of one specific memory of her – we had so many great ones together.”

FSU alum Kevin Long said, “When I graduated, I took a job in CASA at Framingham State. Dayala came in one day and sat with me and was talking with me about how she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do when she graduated college. ... We never reached a resolution, but what Dayala said struck me – she said she didn’t care what she did, but she wanted to help others. She wanted to feel a sense of purpose and help others feel that way, too.”

He added, “I never told her this, but I think Dayala would have been an amazing social worker or in another position in the human services field. She wanted to touch others’ lives like how many people touched hers. The world is much darker without a kind soul like Dayala in it. I think about her often.”

Jenna Langhill, a friend of Vilvalex’s, started a GoFundMe campaign after Vilvalex’s death that raised over $2,000. Langhill said she created the GoFundMe because funeral costs are high.

Langhill said, “Dayala was the friend that always knew how to put me in a better mood. She always had the best advice and knew exactly what to say to make everything better in that moment. It was never a dull or boring moment when I was with her. She was always making me laugh.”

She added, “Dayala had a heart of gold. She truly cared about everyone that she considered a friend. She was always so cheerful and willing to help everyone, even through her own struggles.”

After graduation, she worked with at-risk youths at Key Program Inc. in Framingham.

President of Key Program Inc., Bill Lyttle said, “Dayala had a tremendous commitment for helping young people experience success in their lives. Many youths are far better o] for having Dayala in their lives. She will be very much missed.”

Vilvalex is survived by her mother, Rolande Marcellus and father Dayala Vilvalex, as well as siblings Kevin and Stacy.



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