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Mazmanian Art Gallery showcases senior portfolios

By Caroline Gordon

Arts & Features Editor

The Mazmanian Art Gallery hosted the second senior capstone exhibition, which featured projects by Jenna Billian, Sayana Carrasco, and Casey Wheeler from April 21-27.

Billian’s senior capstone consisted of four sculptures, one of which was a massive cake, and a video. Carrasco’s consisted of trash she gathered from her backyard. Wheeler’s consisted of fabrics hanging with a skeleton of the human body beneath and a stop motion film of the skeleton.

Tim McDonald, professor of art, and host of the reception for the second exhibition, said this year’s show included more sculpture students, which he said was “an exciting development.”

He added that although all of the projects were sculptures, each senior had “their own voice,” so he didn’t wonder who created which piece.

McDonald said it is critical to host the exhibition to highlight the seniors' work because the capstone is their “first step to becoming professional artists.” Their peers and University faculty can see their “creativity, thoughtfulness, and skills.”

He added the seniors this year were “ambitious” to the creation processes and the outcomes of their work.

​​”From what I could see the students worked hard and were engaged with their process. I think they also were encouraging of each other. Honest, but supportive, knowing what each is capable of and pushing each other to achieve their desired goals.”


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