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Men’s basketball succumbs to Westfield State comeback

Adrien Gobin / THE GATEPOST

By Adam Levine

Interim Sports Editor

The Framingham State Rams lost to the Westfield State Owls by a score of 68-57 Feb. 1.

Framingham’s Juran Ligonde led all players with scoring, recording 27 points. Ligonde also recorded 15 rebounds before fouling out in the second half.

“Points don’t matter if we don't win the game. What's important is winning the game,” said Ligonde.

The game began with two lead changes and two tied scores before the first scoring run occurred.

Just 4 minutes into the game, the score was tied 4-4. Framingham pieced together an 8-0 scoring run, with four different players scoring.

Westfield fought back and outscored the Rams over the next 4 minutes. With 9:33 remaining in the first half, the game was tied 14-14.

With 6:48 remaining in the first half, Framingham led with a score of 19-18. Ligonde made a layup to send the Rams on another scoring run.

Over the next 3 minutes, the Rams outscored the Owls 9-1. Framimgham extended their lead to 28-19.

Westfield responded by outscoring the Rams 10-2. The score was back within 1 point, with Framingham leading 30-29.

In the remaining 1:07 of the first half, Framingham was able to extend their lead to 3 points.

Framingham led by a score of 34-31 going into the second half.

The second half continued with more back-and-forth scoring as both teams kept the score close.

Framingham led by 7 points with 15:35 remaining in the second half, but Westfield continued to return the baskets.

Westfield strung together a 9-0 scoring run that gave them a 45-43 lead over Framingham.

After more back-and-forth scoring, the score was tied 50-50 with 8:05 remaining in the game.

The Owls launched a 10-1 scoring run and secured a steady lead over the Rams. The Owls led by a score of 61-52.

With 3:32 remaining in the game, Ligonde made a free throw, but Westfield continued to outscore the Rams.

A minute later, Ligonde fouled out with his fifth foul of the game and was sent to the bench.

Westfield outscored Framingham 6-4 to close out the game and captured a 68-57 victory over the Rams.

After the loss, Framingham Head Coach Donald Morris Jr. said, “I know we did a good job defensively in the first half.

“Offensively, we had some passes that were a little soft and got deflected, helping them get out into the lane a little bit,” Morris added.

Framingham dropped to a conference record of 1-7 and an overall record of 4-17.

Morris said, “We're going to keep working hard - keep fighting - that's the biggest thing.”

Framingham will travel to Fitchburg State for another conference matchup Feb. 4.



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