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Movie review: ‘Rush’

By Brad Leuchte

Staff Writer

Speed, fame, sex, danger. It’s all there in this fast-paced and action-packed re-creation of the rivalry between the famed Formula 1 drivers Niki Lauda (Daniel Brül) and James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth). Under the direction of Ron Howard (“Frost/Nixon,” “The Da Vinci Code”), this revved-up indie action flick takes you into a sport many Americans do not follow as closely as baseball or football. But without a doubt, this movie will have you cheering at the end (spoiler alert – it’s a race).

As a viewer, you will dive right into the lives of these acclaimed and infamous European racecar drivers: one, a playboy trying to prove his worth to his family and the world; the other, a calm and cool veteran with his eye on the ball. Hunt, from England, and Lauda, from Austria, race against each other throughout their entire careers, from Formula 3 to Formula 1, always on each other’s tails. While watching these races, you will feel as though you are standing on the grass right next to the track as the cars zip past the screen in all of the film’s surround-sound glory.

This movie does have a bit of a stale “underdog story” vibe to it, bringing back memories of Rudy, Forrest Gump and particularly Homer Hickam from “October Sky.” However, it goes beyond the “tried and true” apologue of rivals growing up together, and shows the development and eventual downfall of each character. This may turn out much different than what you may predict.

The sexy ‘70s setting of this movie is ideal for a date – everything from fast cars to smooth chivalry. IMDb gave “Rush” an 8.3, though, due to its tired theme and clichéd nature, you may want to wait until it is on Netflix if sports movies are not your cup of tea.



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