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OBX season two makes me cringe

By Caroline Gordon

Outer Banks season two is immature and unrealistic.

The Netflix show stars Madeline Cline as Sarah Cameron and Chase Stokes as John B. I will never understand why he is called “John B,” instead of just John because there are no other characters named John.

Season two begins with John B and Sarah sneaking on a ship, which is heading to the Bahamas.

The pair is on a quest to find the coveted golden treasure, which is John B’s legacy. John B is a “Pogue,” a fictional name for a poor person who lives in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The opposite of a pogue is a “Kook.”

Sarah was raised as a Kook and John B lives the Pogue life. Sarah and John B are essentially the modern day version of Romeo and Juliet.

Sarah’s father, Ward, is the killer of John B’s father. Not only are John B and Sarah attempting to fully John B’s legacy, they’re also trying to escape the psychopathic Ward who will stop at nothing to find his daughter.

Ward is teamed up with Rafe, Sarah’s older brother who is equally as psychotic as his father.

Does this sound like something that would happen in real life? No.

I can’t stand how unrealistic this show is.

The Outer Banks is a real place, but that makes viewers think the lives of these characters are the lives of the people who reside there.

Oddly enough, John B and his pack are rarely shown in school, despite being high school students.

High school classes usually last seven hours a day; however, the characters’ have copious amounts of time to focus on the drama with the golden treasure.

Aside from the obvious unrealistic aspects, the relationship between Sarah and John B is extremely unlikely to happen in real life.

He is the poor boy who lives in a shack that serves as a place to bum around in with friends.

She is the it girl who everyone worships for her wealth and beauty.

This show portrays a relationship that we all know is just not reality. In season two, they unofficially “get married” and instead of a ring, John B gives Sarah a piece of his bandana.

They are high school kids who have not been dating long.

The marriage scene was weird, random, and it sets the wrong standards for young people.

There are a few new characters this season, but Cleo is the most annoying. She is the newest member of the Pogue pack.

Cleo is a pirate John B and Sarah met on their way to the Bahamas. She helps John B and his friends rescue Sarah who was kidnapped by Ward and Rafe.

Cleo annoys me because she barely knows Sarah, yet she calls her “my girl.” I am confused by their sudden friendship.

I hate the damsel in distress plot line for Sarah. The producers should have made her more capable, instead of her always being the one in trouble.

This show is immature and I cringe when I hear “John B.”


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