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SGA candidate announcements and positions for AY 2024-25

Evelyn Campbell.
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By Sophia Harris 


The Student Government Association (SGA) announced who is running for elections for the 2024-25 academic year at their April 8 meeting.

Evelyn Campbell, a junior honors student majoring in communication arts with a double minor in English and marketing, is seeking reelection as SGA president. 

During her candidacy speech she said, “This past year has been a very eye-opening experience, in a good way.

“When I stepped into this role I wanted to create real impactful change,” she said.

“This year acts as our rebuild year and we re-establish what it means to be a part of SGA and our commitment to it. My amazing team and I have learned what works for us and what does not work for us. We're very excited to see the changes in the fall. I also wanted to create a team that had common goals and actively worked toward them,” she said. 

Campbell said that during her presidency, SGA advocated for a ramp during an SGA safety walk which was subsequently installed outside of CASA, was integral in the funding of baby-changing tables across campus in multiple different buildings, advocated for new gym equipment during capital planning projects, and advocated for bus stops at the Salem End Lot.

She added SGA has also worked to create more programs that align with SGA’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

She said SGA has “had more partnerships with the Center for Inclusive Excellence and affinity groups this year than we've had in previous years. We've had more initiatives to allow a lot of students to have access to equal resources. We've also rebuilt our relationships with our administration to encourage collaboration and problem-solving.”

During her speech, she said, “We will work to diversify SGA by creating tailored senator positions - for example, a representative from each different college, different demographics, and club representatives.”

She said she is currently working with the Black Student Union to “create a space on campus for more affordable haircare products.”

Sophia Harris / THE GATEPOST

César Matos announced his candidacy for vice president of SGA. 

He said he is running for vice president because of his love and admiration for Framingham State. 

Matos said, “If you could all just look at me for the person I am, for the human that stands behind this podium today, really just consider me to be your vice president for SGA for next year.”

Jeremy McDonald, a junior political science major on the pre-law track, announced his candidacy for student trustee.

“When I came across SGA at the student organization fair I knew this was a place where I could make a difference,” McDonald said.

He said while being part of SGA he found his true passion for being an interface between students and the administration. 

From his time spent on the All University Committee, he was allowed to join the strategic planning committee, which is in charge of developing a plan for the University.

He said, “Here was a place where I could make a difference.

“As the sole student on that body, I made sure that the voices of student government were heard and incorporated into the most fundamental documents for the direction of this institution,” he said. 

McDonald added, “I know that I will have big shoes to fill when Ryan [Mikelis] graduates, but I plan on stepping into that role and advocating for students of this beautiful institution in the same way that I have during my time here.”

Aimee Takouda, a junior sociology major, is re-running for SATF treasurer. 

“I want to have workshops to help clubs know exactly what they should expect at FinCom, and what they should do after,” she said. 

Liv West, a sophomore, is re-running for Outreach and Events coordinator. 

She said, “I love being a part of SGA and being able to advocate for other students.

Iz Shields.
Sophia Harris / THE GATEPOST

“I like being part of a change that brings people together and I love doing events,” West said.

Raffi Elkhoury.
Sophia Harris / THE GATEPOST

Raffi Elkhoury, a senior, is running for senator - stepping down from his previous position as vice president. 

“SGA has been the biggest part of my college experience since I came here and I'm excited to keep up the good work,” he said.  

Iz Shields, a freshman, is re-running for a senator position.

Shields said they are running because “I really enjoyed it, it really made me feel a lot more connected to the community on campus and I was able to meet a lot of my friends” because of SGA. 

Ballots were open April 11 between 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. for election day. 

Results will be determined Thursday night and candidates have until Friday April 12 to formally accept.  



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