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SGA celebrates the end of the semester

Sophia Harris / THE GATEPOST

By Ryan Schreiber

Staff Writer

The Student Government Association held its last meeting of the semester Dec. 6.

Meg Nowak Borrego, dean of students, came by to show SGA her appreciation, noting that a student concern raised during the Administrators' Forum Oct. 11 was that student leaders feel unappreciated.

She left gift bags and cookies for the senators.

“Thanks to all of you for meeting every single week - working in the service of our students and advising me and others on campus about how to best serve our students,” said Nowak Borrego.

The Open Forum began with SATF Treasurer Sam Houle expressing his concern that the Class of 2023 does not have a president or vice president, as no one was elected last year.

President Dara Barros said, “The current president and vice president haven’t been officially confirmed by the Senate.”

Barros read notes expressing anonymous concerns that were dropped off in a box outside the SGA office.

“Bring back the Juice Bar, please. We don’t need the Kiwibots,” read one of the notes.

“I don’t feel welcome here,'' read another note.

Barros responded, “I am so sorry that you don't feel welcome here. We all try so hard to make sure that everyone on this campus is feeling welcome from the first time that they step on campus.”

Andrew Thompson, a senior hospitality and tourism management major who is vice president of Framingham State Activities Board (FSAB), was sworn in as a new senator.

Before he was unanimously voted in, Thompson said, “I'm interested in having involvement in not only my college experience, even though it’s coming to a quick close, but also everyone else’s experience.”

In her president’s report, Barros said a student is having a problem with Residence Life not using their preferred name, which came up during the Open Forum Nov. 22.

“I’m meeting with Stephanie Crane, who is a staff member of Residence Life, and they’re going to be discussing with me their process of using preferred names,” Barros said.

SGA Vice President Raffi Elkhoury reported the SGA Student Affairs Committee will meet to discuss constitution changes at the beginning of the spring semester.

Student Trustee McKenzie Ward reported, “The next Board [of Trustees] meeting will be Jan. 25, the day after the first student government meeting. It’s at 6:30 p.m. in the Alumni Room.”

In his SATF Treasurer’s report, Houle said, “The Financial Committee will be working with the SGA Student Affairs Committee to work on some constitution and bylaws changes regarding finance. Those need to be approved before the budget.”

Houle added the Finance and Student Affairs committees will be reviewing the constitution bylaws to potentially add a new funding group for student organizations and change how SGA funds conferences.

Houle announced the Big Budget meeting - the meeting at which funding for student organizations is allocated for next year - will be held on Feb. 10 at 5 p.m. in the Alumni Room.

Houle also listed 13 clubs that have not been funded for the next semester: Black Student Union, Outing Club, Pride Alliance, M.I.S.S., A.C.D.G., English Club, iGNITE, Student Veterans Association, The 508, Career Connections, Engineering Club, Political Science Club, and the Web and App Development Club.

“If you are involved or have friends that are involved, please direct them my way so we can fund them for next year, '' Houle said.

Evelyn Campbell, outreach and events coordinator, reviewed the events for Kindness Week and upcoming plans for the remainder of the semester.

She said she and members of Christian Fellowship made gift bags for the final day of Kindness Week.

Campbell said SGA will be co-sponsoring PJ Palooza Dec. 9.

Campbell said a new parking enforcer was hired, but it doesn't seem as if they started. She added that after the SGA Hot Table fundraiser, she came back to see Maynard Lot full, leaving no parking spaces for commuters in the morning.

Erin Gemme, diversity and inclusion officer, said the “Accessibility Committee will be restarting next semester.”

Leah Mudd, SGA advisor and assistant director for orientation and student experience, reported that the school has a new student experience administrative assistant and encouraged SGA members to welcome her. “Her name is Emily Hendrickson. Stop by and say ‘Hey.’”

The meeting ended with expressions of appreciation.

Mudd said, “I’m very proud of all of you. I appreciate you all for all of the work you’ve done.”

Barros said, “Thank you a

ll for being amazing members of SGA. I wanted to say that first and foremost, I think you all are doing an amazing job.”

Elkhoury said, “It’s been amazing to see all the growth and progress from the new people and old people in SGA this semester.”

The “U-Rock” award was presented to sophomore Billy Hubert by Campbell. She said Hubert was very helpful with all the water bottles for Kindness Week, and is very funny.

[Editor’s Note: McKenzie Ward is Opinions Editor for The Gatepost]



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