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SGA debuts new senate chair position

By Michael B. Murphy

Assistant News Editor

SGA’s Tuesday, Sept. 18, meeting saw Elizabeth Cameron presiding over proceedings for the first time as senate chair.

“Tuesday was a transitional meeting as Elizabeth Cameron took her role as the senate chair,” SGA Vice President Larry Liuzzo said. “For it it being her first-ever meeting running senate, I think that she did a fantastic job and will continue to do so for the remainder of the school year.”

Appointed last week by SGA president Hannah Bruce, Cameron was elected by the entire senate.

Cameron said she looks forward to business being brought before SGA now that she is senate chair.

“As the year goes on, I know more clubs will be coming forward and that I’ll be challenged in my position,” Cameron said. “I’m definitely on a learning curve – knowing all of the procedures and rules can be a lot, but I’m incredibly honored to be appointed.”

Cameron described her newly created job as being a liaison between senators and the executive board.

Student Trustee Molly Goguen reported back from a Board of Trustees’ meeting at which freshman enrollment numbers were reporter to be smaller than usual. The Board of Trustees said all Campus Police who have been issued firearms were well-trained in their use, Goguen told those at the SGA meeting.

SGA dedicated the majority of the meeting’s time to what Liuzzo described as “bonding activities and ice breakers.”

Scott Shea, student social events coordinator, said the exercises demonstrated that everyone in SGA serves a purpose.

“Everyone played a part. Everyone has an important role,” Shea said.

In other news:

  • The Curriculum and Student Affairs Committee needs members.

  • The Student Government elections are on Wed., Sept. 26.

  • A meeting for club presidents will be held on Sept., 24, at 1:30 pm.

  • To gain access to Club Room II, students must visit and fill out the required form.



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