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SGA holds its first meeting of the year

By Kayllan Olicio

SGA members discussed changes they would like to see on campus, during its first meeting of the year on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

SGA President Kyle Rosa said he would like to see “better communication with offices on campus and the student body.”

Senator Adam Scanlon said he would like to see a centralized mailing location on campus.

Vice President Jack Capello discussed the possibility of having more conversations on campus.

He added, “I think SGA gives you the perfect platform to change the campus. ... I find if you talk to people with an open mind they will talk to you here with an open mind. ... I think having difficult conversations are great to have here on campus. I would love to see that change even more and have more public forums with that and be able to have these difficult conversations.”

Senator Jamal Kirk said he would like to see “better marketing and on campus promotions. There is definitely something lacking there.”

During his president’s report, Rosa explained some of the changes he is beginning to implement on campus.

He said he is trying to improve the library “to benefit more students. So, one thing I’m really trying to get are extended hours for midterms and finals. ... We are also going to try and get more plugs and charging stations for students’ phones and computers.”

Rosa said he is also working on getting lockers with phones chargers in them for commuter students.

“We are trying to help out the commuters because... we feel like they are forgotten a lot,” he added.

Karl Bryan, student trustee, discussed during his report that he is trying to “work with the health center to extend their hours, so people can go in there at a reasonable time.”

Sarah Horwitz, student activity treasurer, announced the approval of a funding request for The Onyx for $1,695 to purchase more copies of its publication. Fashion club was approved $525 for transportation to a breast cancer walk and Psychology club was approved $950 for yoga mats.

SGA did not hold an open forum.

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