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SGA passed funding requests from ASB, BSU and The Gatepost

By Shelby Wood

Alternative Spring Break (ASB) requested $4,099 to fund this year’s spring break excursion.

Students will visit Central, Oklahoma, where they will build homes for families who were victims of the May 2013 tornado.

ASB will be teaming up will Habitat for Humanity for this project.

As well as building homes, students will participate in a Culture Day, during which they will learn about the city’s cultural heritage.

The trip will cost $32,000. Each student will pay $500, which is less than what students had to pay in past years.

The $500 will go toward Rights and fees.

At this week’s SGA meeting, Black Student Union (BSU) requested $3,392.50 for their upcoming event, Night of Beauty.

The event will be held in the Forum on Saturday, March 8.

Samantha Michel, president of BSU, said, “The night will allow all students to come together because we are so diverse.”

Some of the money will pay for food catered by Sodexo, and the remainder is an honorarium for their motivational speaker Devin T. Robinson, an actor, author and activist. Robinson will be talking about issues such as HIV/AIDS, abuse and domestic violence. He will also be discussing promoting a positive self-image.

The Night of Beauty event will be open to the whole campus.

Kerrin Murray, editor-in-chief of The Gatepost, requested $4,336.68 to fund a three-day trip to the College Media Association convention in New York City in March.

Joe Kourieh, associate editor, said, “We will learn skills that will be applied to our own paper.”

Murray explained that editors who want to go on this trip submitted a paragraph about how this conference would benefit them.

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