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SGA to sponsor Kindness Celebration Carnival in November

By Alexandra Gomes

The Student Government Association approved seven funding requests, including the Gaming Club’s fifth annual Last Night on Earth party and SGA’s Kindness Celebration Carnival, totaling $8,663.40.

Members also moved to repurpose $3,000 from the Week of Kindness speaker account to the Kindness Celebration Carnival account.

SGA requested $2,235 for its Kindness Celebration Carnival on Friday, Nov. 13.

Social Events Coordinator Jack Capello said the money would go toward novelties for the carnival, such as carnival games, a photo booth and furry friends. SGA approved the request.

The Gaming Club requested $1,794.15 for its Last Night on Earth party. Vice President Matthew Baran said the party is “a celebration of our club, and we invite people from all across the campus to come in and enjoy food and games and other activities with us.”

Shirts for the event will cost $1,169.86, decorations will cost $312.29 and Sodexo catering will cost $302. The party will be held Friday, Nov. 13 in Club Room IV. SGA approved the request for $1,494.15.

SGA approved two funding requests from the Chemistry Club totaling $2,115 for its trip to see the play ‘Copenhagen’ in Cambridge and its Museum of Science trip.

Treasurer Douglas Perkins said the play is about a conversation between Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in Copenhagen during World War II. The play is on Sunday, Nov. 15.

Twenty tickets for the play cost $400, and transportation cost $373.75. Tickets will be on sale in the Game Room, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students will initially pay $5, but will get the money back on the bus. SGA approved the request for $473.75, and not the full $773.75 originally requested because the club already had $300 in its funds.

The Museum of Science trip will be on Friday, Dec. 4. Perkins said the trip has been “pretty successful” in the past. “This time, they’ve got Pixar’s Film-making process as one of the new events you can go to there, so it should reel in even more people who aren’t really interested in science.”

SGA funded 50 tickets at a cost of $1,262.50, which will be on sale in the Game Room. These tickets are also refundable, and students will get the money back on the bus. Transportation cost $373.75. SGA approved the request for $1,641.25.

SGA approved the Equestrian Club’s travel and conference request for $474.20 for the Equine Abaire in West Springfield.

The Abaire will take place on Saturday, Nov. 14. Club President Rachel Holland said the Abaire is “a large horse expo. There are live horses there, demonstrations, exhibits, boots and professionals. ... There’s something for the new people who aren’t really familiar with horses and there’s stub for people who are really into it, like me, who have been doing it for a long time.”

SGA approved the History Club’s request for $455 to fund a bus ride for their Walk the Freedom Trail event on Saturday, Nov. 14.

Club President Andrew Mades said the trip will consist of walking the Freedom Trail from the new State House to the Old North Church, lunch at the Quincy Market and admission into the Old State House. Students can sign up for the event in the Game Room.

The Craft Club’s request for $96 for their Cozy Kittens event was approved by SGA.

Jack Capello, club treasurer, said the event is for the Week of Kindness, during which participants will be making blankets for cats and dogs for a local shelter. The event will be held on Monday, Nov. 9, and is open to the public.

SGA reviewed Her Campus Framingham’s constitution, and accepted it as seen for the first time.

Her Campus Framingham is an “organization to provide an online hub for Framingham State students by providing content that is a source of entertainment and which highlights campus news, events, students, faculty, alumni, campus photos, fashion and lifestyle,” according to the club’s constitution.

The club belongs to a larger organization called “Her Campus,” and will serve as the Framingham chapter.

According to, the site “features national Style, Beauty, Health, Love, Life, Career, LGBTQ+, High School, and Real World content supplemented by local content from 290+ campus chapters nationwide and in seven countries.”

In other news:

• SGA will be participating in the Giving Tree event.

• The October 20 meeting will take place in North Hall Commons.

• Footbridge construction is on hold, but MassDOT has fixed the dimmed lights on the opposite side of

the bridge.

• The Week of Kindness will take place Nov. 9-13.

• The “You Rock” award was given to Kyle Rosa.


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