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SGA turns up volume for WDJM

By Kaila Braley

SGA approved funding requests for three clubs this past week, including $10,712 for equipment for WDJM 91.3 FM.

FSU’s radio station requested $8,492 for an Orban Optimod 8600S-FM audio processor, upgrading from the 40-year-old equipment in use now, which was being held together with duct tape. WDJM Treasurer Nick Quaglia said the processor “basically sends out the frequency for the radio, so without that, we don’t have radio.”

The new processor will “improve our voice quality over the radio, which is obviously very good. It’s going to enhance our frequency.” He added since they’re investing in new technology, this processor should last the radio station another 40 years.

WDJM also requested $1,520 to buy two new computers and $700 for two new speakers. The

computers will help the station stream online, which has not been working consistently. The speakers are used for events like the moonlight breakfasts, but the “bass is shot” on the speakers the DJs currently use, Quaglia said.

All of the requested funds were allocated. “I’m excited we got them. It’s going to improve the station big time,” Quaglia said.

Pride Alliance requested $1,771.29 to send four students and one advisor to a Northeast LGBT

Conference in New Brunswick, New Jersey. They will nominate and vote on the students who will be able to go on the trip.

Pride Alliance President Kim Awiszio said, “This is an amazing opportunity that the club missed out on last year. ... It’ll be awesome to meet more of the LGBT community outside of Massachusetts.”

The funds were allocated for the trip, which will provide the attendees the opportunity to hear from speakers and to participate in workshops.

The Wildlife Club requested $1,500 for a whale watching trip out of Cape Ann. The tickets will cost $960, and the bus will cost $540. The 48 tickets will be sold for $10 each.

They also requested $1,625 for a trip to the Mystic Aquarium. The coach bus will cost $875 and the 50 tickets will cost $1,125.



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