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The Gatepost Editorial: Corporate Sodexo lacks respect for students

The Gatepost Editorial Board

Sodexo’s contract is up.

So of course, the company is actively campaigning for the University to rehire them.

That is where Sodexo’s magazine “ENGAGE” comes in.

Originally intended for the hiring committee’s eyes, the magazine contains two pages full of un-cited “facts” about Generation Z, a.k.a. the majority of the current student body.

And those “facts” were not exactly flattering.

The magazine compared students’ attention spans to that of goldfish, and said this generation lacks critical thinking skills and the ability to be without their electronic devices for very long.

Additionally, the magazine claimed Generation Z communicates mainly through Emojis, which is creating a communication gap between the generations.

We at The Gatepost cannot speak to any of these “facts” presented by Sodexo because they are un-cited. The Gatepost, of course, conducted some research on Generation Z, and there was nothing to be found about poor critical thinking skills.

In fact, many sources, such as The Center for Generational Kinetics and, don’t have much information on this generation yet because these individuals are still growing up.

Additionally, The Gatepost was not able to speak with a Sodexo representative about the magazine, its origins and its creator as Ralph Eddy, director of dining services, refused to be interviewed on the matter and failed to provide a contact for a Sodexo representative for two weeks.

So, what can the FSU community glean from this magazine?

Sodexo obviously does not respect the student body.

To be clear, we are not referring to the cashiers and cooks who dedicate much of their time and energy to serving the FSU community, and are often subjected to the impudence and ill manners of some students, faculty and administrators. In fact, many of Sodexo’s workers are part of the very generation this magazine mocked.

We are referring to corporate Sodexo – specifically, the editor of the magazine, whomever he or she may be, and the people responsible for pages four and five of “ENGAGE.”

As a University, every department must be dedicated to supporting and encouraging students. After all, that’s why everyone is here – so students can learn, make mistakes and grow.

If Sodexo wants to continue being a part of the Framingham State community, the company should at the very least have a basic amount of respect for the student body.

We at The Gatepost encourage the committee in charge of re-hiring Sodexo to consider whether a company that demeans students is truly a good fit for Framingham State.


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