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Women’s Basketball stays unbeaten in MASCAC play against Salem State

A photo of a basketball game.

By Danielle Achin

Ram’s Women’s Basketball continues with their 11-game winning streak in a Wednesday night win Feb. 16 against Salem State.

Starting the first period, FSU came off confident as ever when they jumped to an early 6-0 lead within the first minute of the game.

With a few free throws and a pair of layups, the Vikings were finally able to put points on the board making the score 23-10 with just over a minute remaining in the quarter.

In the final moments of the period, sophomore Flannery O’Connor made some last minute free throws adding to the Rams’ score for a 25-10 lead.

Within the first few minutes of the second period, the Rams answered with a pair of layups made by senior Krysta Padellaro and assists from senior Camille Desrochers and sophomore Gwendolyn Carpenter for the 33-14 lead.

The Vikings managed to advance their lead when Gabby Torres chipped in with a pair of three-pointers and Liz Zaitor helped by putting up six points of her own, ending the half with the Rams 17 points ahead for the 46-29 score.

The second half came and the Vikings immediately scored the first six points of the period advancing their lead 46-35.

The Viking’s luck didn’t last long and Desrochers charged in with a pair of three-pointers for the Rams.

Teammates O’Connor, Padellaro, and Carpenter also added five points to the score in free throws in the period for the Rams.

Padellaro also added six points of her own with a handful of layups scored throughout, ending the third with the Rams gaining 26 points for a 72-47 advantage.

In the final period, Salem State gave it their all – outscoring the Rams – putting 26 points on the board compared to 19 points from FSU.

Despite this comeback, it wasn’t enough to break through the Rams’ defense and the buzzer sounded with the final score of 91-70 for yet another victory for the Rams.

With the team now 11-0 in the MASCAC Conference, freshman Krystalee Fernandez commented on the team’s chemistry on and oF the court.

Fernandez said the team has a form of silent communication that allows each player to know where the others are “on the court without actually looking.”

She added, “We’re all such different players, we all bring something different to the court and we feed off of each other.”

Fernandez said it’s not just about the energy on the court, but her teammates cheering them on during the game that manifests their energy.

Carpenter also spoke about the team’s dynamic during practice and how it pays oF when it comes time to play.

“Our coach definitely does a good job of keeping that balance of having fun and making sure that we’re doing what we’re supposed to,” Carpenter said. “I think we have very purposeful practices. We get in there, we know what we want to accomplish, and we get it done.”

Fernandez said, “The adrenaline is insane when we play. We’re just all out there to have fun.”

The Rams are now 19-3 on the season and look to continue the streak when they travel to Worcester State for more MASCAC action against the Lancers.


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