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The Gatepost is Framingham State University’s award-winning independent student newspaper. Published weekly, The Gatepost provides a platform for student journalists to explore their passions and community. Whether it be as a designer, photographer, writer, or editor, there is a place for everyone at The Gatepost.


Photo of Leighah Beausoleil in a grey sweater with medium length brown hair.


A photo of Emily Rosenberg with long redish-brown curly hair, glasses, wearing a green shirt with flowers on it.

Associate Editor

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A photo of Sophia Harris with dirty blond hair and a black shirt.

Sophia Harris
News Editor

Not pictured

Branden LaCroix
News Editor


A photo of McKenzie Ward with medium length black hair, glasses, and wearing a white sweater.

McKenzie Ward
Opinions Editor


A photo of Dani Achin with short blond hair wearing a black sweater.

Danielle Achin
Sports Editor

Not Pictured

Adam Levine
Asst. Sports Editor

Arts & Features

A photo of Emma lyons with medium length brown hair, glasses, and wearing a white sweater.

Emma Lyons
Arts & Features Editor

A photo of Ryan O'Connel with short brown hair and wearing a white collared shirt.

Ryan O'Connell
Arts & Features Editor

Not Pictured

Raena Doty
Interim Asst. Arts & Features Editor

Photos & Design

A photo of maddison behringer with medium length black hair, orange eye shadow, and wearing a black shirt.

Maddison Behringer
Design & Photo Editor

A photo of Christy Howland with long brown hair, wearing a black beanie, glasses, and a red shirt.

Christy Howland
Asst. Photos Editor

Photo of Zachary Sorel with short brown hair, glasses, and wearring a blue flannel with a white shirt.

Zachary Sorel
Asst. Photos Editor

Staff Writers

Gerell Boyce

Naidelly Coelho

Owen Glancy
Adrien Gobin

Mark Haskell

Jack McLaughlin

Kate Norrish

Carly Paul

Wenchell Pierre

Ryan Schreiber


Desmond McCarthy, Advisor

Liz Banks,

Asst. Advisor