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It’s all a bunch of Hocus Pocus!: FSAB excited for in-person events again

A photo of students watching a movie on the North Lawn.
Nate Rogers / THE GATEPOST

By Emily Rosenberg

Last year, FSAB had to put a lot of their in-person events on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic – now they are back with attendance soaring.

On Oct.13 they hosted a “Hocus Pocus” movie night on Miles Bibb lawn.

Senior Olivia Leahy said she was excited to see the movie because she’d never seen the Ulm before. She added another FSAB event she went to was apple picking at Honey Pot Hill Orchards, in Stow, which she found fun because in the United Kingdom where she is from, it is not a common activity.

Freshman Kalie Ryan said she was looking forward to watching “Hocus Pocus” because she hadn’t seen it in a long time and didn’t remember a lot of the plot. She added she had a lot of fun with friends at the apple picking event.

Sophomore Kirsten Leblanc said her favorite scene in the Ulm was when the characters thought they were safe from the witches, before they revealed they weren’t dead and scared them.

Freshman Meghan Banghert said “Hocus Pocus” was one of her favorite movies and she loves the way that witches shake their heads when they walk. She added her favorite witch was Sara.

Banghert said her aunt used to live in Salem, where the Ulm takes place and she went there every year for Halloween. She said the Ulm portrays the congestion of Salem on Halloween accurately, but not how it’s like the rest of the year.

Senior and FSAB President Annalisa Marzeotti said while planning the event, she picked “Hocus Pocus”

because it was applicable to a wide audience.

She said they were considering the “Halloweentown” series, but thought “Hocus Pocus” was “less for younger kids.”

Senior member Abby Guardado added the movie was a “classic.”

Senior Tanisha Jean, publicity coordinator, said attendance at their most recent events, such as the succulent give away and apple picking, was really high.

Senior Celia Marchese, traditions coordinator, added their upcoming event where students can pay a reduced price to go to ScreamFest at Canobie Lake Park was sold out within two hours. Also, a trip to a Red Sox game in September was sold out. That trip was canceled last year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Marchese said a bingo game they hosted during Black and Gold Beginnings had attendance of over 100 people.

Jean and Marchese agreed the event they are most excited about planning is Sandbox. Sandbox is an

end-of-the-year party held on the last day of school organized by FSAB. Marchese said last year’s

Sandbox was tough to plan because of COVID-19 and a short timeframe.

“Last year, it was very last minute,” she said. “We didn’t know what to do with COVID-19.”

She added due to the number of COVID-19 cases, there was uncertainty as to whether they could hold Sandbox and there was not a lot of time to plan the event. This year, cases are much lower and they hope to “go all out.”

Marchese speculated she hopes to have attractions such as rides and food trucks for the students to enjoy this year, but she can’t guarantee it.

She said the pandemic has the number of outdoor events they have because students do not have to wear masks. She added they haven’t been able to give out as much free food at their events due to indoor masks mandates.

When asked about their favorite aspect of being on eBoard, Marchese said that it was being able to see students enjoying something FSAB members put so much work into.

“We put a lot of effort into these events, and the best thing to see after really planning is people coming in and actually enjoying it.”

Marzeotti mentioned her highlights were working with others and collaborating on the events.

Marchese said she liked seeing the smiles brought on by their event planning.

“It’s fun being at your events and seeing the joy – it sounds so cheesy – seeing how happy it makes people, especially during COVID-19 ... somebody told us ‘this is what makes my entire day.’ It’s nice to hear,” Marchese said.

Jean mentioned that one part of in-person events they missed was the energy in the room.

Jean added the energy toward their Black and Gold beginnings bingo was “so good to see in-person again.” Last year, she said their bingos were virtual and “everyone was muted. You don’t get that same energy.”

“The best thing to see after planning ... we put so much effort into these events and to see people actually coming and enjoying it,” she said. “It’s really rewarding.”


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