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2015 MASCAC All-Conference Teams

Women’s Soccer

First team

Marissa Miele, Framingham State

Ashley Bovat, Westfield State

Tsara Leblanc, Worcester State

Lauren Valdario, Salem State

Alicia Macomber, Worcester State

Kate Matroni, West/eld State

Leah Wood, Salem State

Katy Knight, Westfield State

Alexi Anderson, MCLA

Nicole Parenteau, Worcester State

Katie Levesque, Massachusetts Maritime

Second Team

Brooke Pacheco, Bridgewater State

Jenna Martin, Worcester State

Angela Pallotta, Framingham State

Allyson Pontes, Bridgewater State

Marissa Yowell, Bridgewater State

Natalie Caney, MCLA

Danielle Frazier, Salem State

Justine Butler, Worcester State

Tess Gorman, Framingham State

Caitlin MacGregor, Westfield State

Lauren DeSousa, Bridgewater State


First team

Alycia Rackliffe, Framingham State

Allison Clark, MCLA

Jennifer Cabral, Worcester State

Kendyl Haney, Westfield State

Charleyne Panner, Bridgewater State

Danielle Girard, Framingham State

Emily Peay, Salem State

Second team

Hannah Maymon, Bridgewater State

Clara Goncalves, Bridgewater State

Lizzie Taylor, West/eld State

Julia Wan, Framingham State

Shannon Shea, Westfield State

Angelica Perfido, MCLA

Rachel Mills, MCLA

Player of the Year

Alycia RackliNe

Men’s Soccer

First team

Dylan Pereira, MCLA

Kolin Campbell, Bridgewater State

Edward Boateng, MCLA

Sawyer Fleck, Bridgewater State

Conor Murtagh, Bridgewater State

Cory Cardeiro, Framingham State

Cam Ritter, Westfield State

Michael Rouette, Massachusetts Maritime Jonathan Pires, Bridgewater State

Nicholas Keddie, Bridgewater State

Colin Jepson, Bridgewater State

Second Team Second Team

Cody Baglow, Westfield State

Simon Appiah, Framingham State

Diego DelasCasas, Bridgewater State

Steven Martinez, Fitchburg State

Bryan Brasil, Worcester State

Anthony Basile, MCLA

Matt McDonough, Massachusetts Maritime

Justin Kachadoorian, Bridgewater State

Matthew Dent, Worcester State

Brandon Downey, Framingham State

Alex Kraver, Westfield State


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