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24-hour IHOP opening on April 24

By Bailey Morrison

An IHOP will be opening across the street from FSU on April 24, 2017, according to Chris Haarsgaard, vice president of operations for the franchisee.

The IHOP will be open 24 hours.

Construction began in October of 2016 and took approximately four and a half months, with weather being the only impediment to the project, said Haarsgaard.

The restaurant will have 43 tables, said Haarsgaard. It will have 65 staff members and is currently hiring. He said he will be active in the hiring and training of new personnel for the restaurant.

He added IHOP will have student discounts. “We chose Framingham because we felt there was demand for our brand and enough support to be a success,” he said.

The MetroWest Daily News reported a “tech table” will be a unique addition to this IHOP. It will feature a twelve-seat table with USB ports and electricity plugs in order to cater to FSU students.

Junior Samantha Chandler said, “I’m happy I’ll have somewhere to go whenever I want. I’m not really a breakfast food person, but I do enjoy a good western omelet.”

Senior Tarell Chester said, “IHOP has good food. I’m excited.”

Junior Valerie Paradise said, “I think that IHOP opening will provide a much-wanted 24-hour food facility near Framingham State. My only hope is that it doesn’t take away from smaller breakfast restaurants in the area, like the restaurant that’s in the train station – Depot Diner.”

Sophomore Vinson Huynh said, “It’s going to be the only 24-hour place around here. I love pancakes. What’s not to love about pancakes?”

Kylie Dembeck, a senior, said, “I’ve been saying since freshman year that we need to have some place like IHOP right near Framingham State, so I’m glad they’ve decided to put one in. It’s a really nice option

for FSU students to go to at any time of the day for some yummy food. Whether you’ve pulled an all-nighter or want to get pancakes at 2 a.m. after a night out, IHOP will be the place to.”

Sophomore Cam Raia said, “I am not excited about IHOP. Their pancakes disappoint me. Go to Kugel’s.”

Kali Lucien, a junior, said, “My family always drives to Attleboro and now there’s one in Framingham. ... So, I’m happy about it. I’m definitely going to drag my boyfriend there.”

Junior Raysam Donkoh-Halm said, “It will be the bane and blessing of my living experience on campus. I have nothing against breakfast foods and in fact I applaud the decision to place one across the street where students can conveniently get to. But, students are going to get bored of it after the magic and excitement of an IHOP across the street becomes the norm or culture of the school.”

He added, “Students are going to be eating at times late at night and morning when they really shouldn’t be eating just because it’s an option. That isn’t going to be healthy for anyone. ... This IHOP across the street is going to be like living next to Disney World. it’ll be cool for a while but lose the magic once we tire it out.”



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