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A thing of the past makes its way back

Caroline Lanni

Staff Writer

Dancers, college students, mothers, and children use these.

They have many different purposes – they hold your hair up, they are used as a slingshot and they can be used as bracelets, said Carly Eiten, a sophomore fashion major at Framingham State University.

Hair scrunchies are the oldest, yet newest, trend for people of all ages.

“They do the job and they are fashionable – I don’t think this trend will go away,” said Eiten.

Hair scrunchies were first manufactured in 1963, according to Yet, they made their way back in this ’80’s and continued to be popular right through 2020.

“I think I have seven or eight hair scrunchies,” said Eiten.

Senior Lucas Quintero said, “It’s kind of a meme – like a lot of people were wearing them in posts on social media and it kinda spread.”

Just like everything in the socially connected world, trends happen.

Generations had a trend of these in the 1970’s and now being 2020 it has come to light again said Lanni.

What could be next-leg warmers and carrying boomboxes around again?

These scrunchies are a trend, and according to Eiten, “It’s a huge fashion trend.

“Yes I love hair scrunchies – I collect so many,” said Eiten.

“Partially due to the versatility of them – people are wearing them on their wrists and in their hair,” said Quintero.

Many believe these hair scrunchies made a comeback when the famous Tik Tok app became more popular, said Quintero.

“I would say Tik Tok has a big influence for sure,” said Quintero.

A lot of creative influencers on Tik Tok made dances or funny videos while wearing hair scrunchies on their wrists, which made the trend rise a lot more, said Quintero.

Others like Mariah Yoder, junior fashion major at FSU, believe that Tik Tok had nothing to do with the rise of hair scrunchies.

“They came back when ’80’s fashion styles came back – it had nothing to do with Tik Tok,” said Yoder.

Eiten also believes the same. “I think they started before Tik Tok. I remember them starting to trend when I was a junior/senior in high school when the ’80’s made a huge comeback.”

Hair scrunchies are due to the rise of ’80’s clothing in fashion and more people are now collecting them, said Yoder.

Whether you are a dancer, gymnast, a soccer player, or a mother taking care of her kids, you could always use a good hair scrunchie to get the job done.

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