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Athletic department fills position on football’s coaching staff

Photo Credit / Frank Poulin Photography

By Adam Levine

Sports Editor

The Framingham State Athletic Department announced the hiring of Cully Curran ’22 as assistant football coach and recruiting and club sports coordinator Jan. 16.

Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Tom Kelley said the department conducted a national search for the job opening and interviewed a range of candidates.

He said Curran “came through with flying colors. He knows the institution. He was not only a very good football player, but he was a very good student while he was here. He earned everything in the interviewing process.”

Kelley said club sports “kind of got put on the backburner during the pandemic and we're trying to get those things up and running again.” He said Curran will take the lead on this.

After graduating in 2022, Curran served as a part-time coach for the football program, specifically as the linebackers coach.

He said his new position on the coaching staff is the defensive coordinator and the defensive backs coach.

Curran said his transition from player to coach has been “pretty seamless.”

He said it has not been a problem to separate from his former teammates because “the respect level was already established.”

Curran said he first applied for the full-time coaching position when the season ended and the previous coach stepped down. “I'm already comfortable with all the people in the athletics department and they already know who I am.

“But obviously, it's a big jump in this career, so it was exciting,” added Curran.

He said his short-term goal for the upcoming seasons is to “reestablish our defense as the best in New England.”

In the long-term, Curran said, “We're kind of taking it step by step, putting one brick after another. Winning on a national level is something that we plan to do.”

Curran’s full-time position in the Athletic Department includes his role as the recruiting and club sports coordinator.

He said, “I want to make sure our club sports are getting an awesome experience.

“As kids get involved with athletics here on campus, I want to make sure that they have a great experience and they have as equal an opportunity as anyone else and just to bring young, passionate energy to the athletic department,” added Curran.

He said his knowledge of the campus and experience of a student-athlete at the University helps with his ability to recruit new athletes.

Elijah Nichols, a junior wide receiver, said, “Cully has that aura about him that attracts attention and respect due to his work ethic and humility. Those who play with him know he gives his all in everything he does and that translates well in the world of coaching.”

Nichols said, “He had already gained respect from his peers after a stellar career here and the coaches recognized that. Also, with the changes amongst the coaching staff, a familiar face is a great first step to getting Framingham back to the powerhouse it once was.” 

He said Curran will bring in talented recruits to the football program. “He will implement structure and help the young guys buy into the culture we are trying to establish here.”

Kymauny Roland, a sophomore defensive end, said, “It’s a great promotion. It’s always good to have a coach or coaches who can connect with their players with more than just football, but with life and real-life situations.”

Roland said Curran has always been “business first, fun later.

“The intensity Cully brings is unmatched and he’s part of the reason why Framingham State football is what it is,” he added.

Director Kelley said Curran will be his “right-hand man.”

“I would hope he has some ambition to move up, and hopefully not out, but maybe take over the football program someday,” he added.

Kelley said, “We need to get back to being one of the elite Division III football teams in New England, if not the East. He’s going to be a big part of that if that happens.”



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