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Be the angry fan

By Lizzy Stocks

Sexual predators – they’re everywhere.

And I’m not talking about the run-of-the-mill creep that hides behind dumpsters waiting for their prey to turn the corner.

I’m talking about the pedophiles sitting pretty on golden-globe pedestals in Hollywood.

I’m talking about the perverts performing on the main stage at comedy shows and music festivals.

I’m talking about the polluted politicians pushing bills on Capitol Hill. And the pussy-grabbing President in the Oval Office.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein exposure and the trending hashtag MeToo – a tag used by women and men alike to display the widespread issue of sexual harassment in and out of the workplace. Numerous male celebrities and icons are being revealed as sexual predators through allegations, and some are even coming forward in personal statements on social media.

Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., Jesse Lacey, and Roy Moore. Just a few of the many high-profile men who have been pinpointed as sexual aggressors. Compared to the others, the only thing Louis C.K. has going for him is that he isn’t a pedophile.

As fans, we often develop emotional ties to our favorite actors and artists, and we often feel completely devastated and confused when our idols are exposed as monsters.

This mixture of emotions often causes uncertainties, and without an admission, we often times doubt the accusations because we think they’re good guys just because we’ve seen their interviews or been to their concerts.

Despite emotion, after one of these “celebrity sex scandals,” there are only two types of fans you can be: the angry fan who condemns their former idol, or the apathetic fan who defends their current idol.

Hint: Be the angry fan.

End your endorsements.

Take down your posters.

Cover up your tattoos.

There are many problems with choosing to ignore, or even defend your idol after they’ve been accused of or even admitted to sexual assault.

It perpetuates the notion that celebrities can get away with sexually assaulting multiple women and children just because they are famous and have a large following. Money and fame should not outweigh an icon’s conscious decision to assault another human being, especially a child.

Turning a blind eye to a celebrity’s sexual misconduct suppresses victims as you show them and others the assault and abuse of another human being does not matter.

It sustains the long-taught lesson that sexual assault should not and will not be taken seriously.

President Trump and his administration continue to preserve that lesson as his Secretary of Education announced a rollback on Title IX in September, a law that protects student sexual assault victims.

But I guess that’s not too surprising considering Trump himself has been accused of sexual assault multiple times and was even recorded openly admitting to grabbing women inappropriately.

Normally, we’re appalled when glancing at the local listings of sexual offenders residing in our own neighborhoods. So, it’s time for us fans and voters to be just as horrified and condemn the celebrities and legislators who are disgracefully lining their pockets and assaulting children.

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