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Beauty by Bailey

By Bailey Morrison

Last October, YouTuber and beauty guru KathleenLights released an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with Morphe. The palette features eight matte and eight shimmer shadows. This palette was designed to create daily wearable eye looks with a pop of pigment.

The shadows are packaged in a small, simple black palette with red embossed lettering – an ideal size for travel. This palette is on sale on for $14.99.

It is not only affordable but versatile, making it a great starting point for any new makeup lover and a great addition to the makeup collection of someone who is always looking for something new to test out.


The first shadow that stood out to me is the bronze shimmer shade. The pigmentation alone makes the shade one of my favorites in this palette. The warm tone can spice up a look when blended in with a tan shade.

Another stand-out shadow is the emerald green. This shadow is ultra-shimmery with flecks of silver mixed into the pigmentation. An intense color to dive right in with, it works well when making a statement with your eye look. All of these shadows are tightly-packed powder formulas but have a buttery consistency that makes blending quick and easy.

Of the matte shadows, one that immediately drew my attention was the mustard color. Traditionally, mustard isn’t a color featured in my makeup collection, but this one changed my mind. The subtle pigment of the shadow makes for an amazing blending shade and can be used when creating a more natural eye look.

Let downs

Though I love this palette, the shadow pigmentation throughout was not consistent. Some of the matte shades lacked the pigmentation of the shimmer shades and were a little harder to work with.

The first shade was the off-white base shadow. This color is meant to lighten the eyes and give the makeup artist a consistent platform to work on. It wasn’t terrible but there are many other palettes that have this same shade and achieved a higher pigmentation. I found myself dipping back into this shadow more times than others to achieve uniform coverage over the eye.

There are two plums shades in this palette. The darker one works well when trying to achieve a smoked-out look to the eyelid. But the lighter shade, again, lacks the pigmentation seen in the rest of the palette. When applied, it is more of a pale magenta shade rather than the darker plum that is packed in the pan.

Overall, this palette is a great addition to my makeup collection and at the affordable price. It’s worth trying it out!


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