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Beauty by Bailey: Milk Makeup shines with its out of this world highlight

By Bailey Morrison

If you aren’t a lover of makeup, here’s the scoop – holographic highlights take the art of the dewy highlight and kicks it up several notches.

Instead of limiting makeup lovers to a highlight that is one color, holographic highlights broaden the spectrum with a dewy highlight that refracts the light. And, like a disco ball, your face becomes a beacon of color.

This trend has resulted in many makeup artists sporting extraterrestrial-looking makeup.

Many brands have introduced their own lines of holographic highlights, but I’m here to talk about only one – Milk Makeup’s Holographic Stick in the shade Supernova.

In a spur-of-the-moment decision, I snatched this up from a display in Sephora and shelled out $28, and I have no regrets.

At Grst glance, this product is unassuming – plain, clear packaging and the highlight itself appears white.

Once applied, the magic begins.

The highlight has shades of silver, blue, purple and pink. In natural lighting, it appears more dewy than metallic, though it does have the holographic base. It is an oil-based highlight but doesn’t make the skin look oily or streaky.

It is buttery smooth and buildable. While many holographic highlights only work for intense makeup looks, for makeup artists who base their careers around high-end makeup photography, this one stands out as a highlight that works for many day-to-day looks.

This highlight doubles as an eyeshadow. Though I haven’t found out how to successfully apply this product to my eyelids without it creasing, it gives the eyelids a pop of color that makes you look more awake. If you’re a sleep-deprived college student, this product can simulate the look of a good night’s sleep.

The highlight appears different on every skin tone. The darker the skin, the more apparent the

highlight’s purple hues become. Because it’s so buildable, the color changes with the intensity of the layers. You can dab on the highlight, leaving a dewy glow that to the untrained eye will simply look like any other highlight, or you can build it up until your cheekbones become the center of attention.

Overall, this product has been a hit because of its versatility and buildability. It’s also important to note that many makeup brands do not cater to people with dark skin, limiting makeup artists’ choices when it comes to makeup products. The Supernova highlight is a step in the right direction and other makeup brands should follow their example and make their makeup products more diverse to cater to a wider audience.


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