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Beauty by Bailey: Millions of Peaches

By Bailey Morrison

Picture the packaging – a peachy ombré design with the words “Just Peachy” scrawled in cursive across the front. As soon as you open the palette, you’re greeted with the overwhelming scent of peaches and cream. If you’re like me, The Presidents of The United States of America’s “Peaches” is on repeat in your brain.

This and several other products – foundation, lipstick, setting spray – were released by Too Faced in their “Peaches and Cream Collection.” With this release, I planned on picking up this palette until I was bullied out of making the purchase by my best friend under the guise of practicing fiscal responsibility. A few weeks later, she bought it for me for my birthday – so here it is in my hands.

So, let’s talk about it.

The palette features 12 matte shades, all infused with peach and Ig cream. The shades are very versatile – whether you want to slap on a little makeup before class or meticulously create that smoky eye you love; this palette can do that. The shades are all warm-toned, which is unusual for a palette but this pays off. This unique palette is unlike other launches I’ve seen recently.

Of course, with any eyeshadow palette, the first thing you think about is formula and color payoff.

This one does not disappoint.

Each shade is buttery smooth and blends like a dream on the eyelid. One dip of my brush into the palette and a little blending is all it takes to showcase the shades in this palette.

Because I’ve only been playing with this palette for a few days, I’ll share my first impressions. My favorite shade, by far, is “Peach Sangria.” The dusty rose color is a buildable shade that can simply highlight a very subtle makeup look or exaggerate a dramatic eye look. “Peach Sangria” is the shade your eye is drawn to immediately in the palette, as the rest are more muted and peach-toned.

The packaging of this palette also stuck out to me. The mirror inside is huge – this is definitely a palette you could take traveling with you and use this mirror as needed. The packaging itself is sleek with gold lettering and a magnetic clasp shaped like two peaches.

This palette is available at Sephora and on the Too Faced website and retails for $45.


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