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Beauty by Bailey: Nudestix Magnetic Matte Lip Color review

By Bailey Morrison

On Feb. 10 the popular makeup brand Nudestix released a new collection of lipsticks – Magnetic Matte Lip Color. As a lipstick lover myself, I immediately knew I needed to try this collection.

The brand released this collection claiming the lipstick will last like a tattoo, thus earning the nickname lip tattoo.

I am already a fan of the brand Nudestix. They have adopted the pencil format for all of their products – lipstick, eyeshadow and concealer.

I picked up this new product in the shade Greystone. This is a light, chocolate-brown shade with pinkish undertones. This shade perfectly complements skin tones with olive undertones and brings a dramatic appearance to an otherwise simple makeup look.

For those with fairer skin still looking for a rich, brown color to add to your makeup collection, consider purchasing the shade Boho.

I love coffee as much as I love makeup and I’m known to leave coffee cups with rings of color around the lip. Many lipsticks leave me disappointed because while the color may be pigmented and the formula is smooth, the kiss of death for any lipstick is the transfer.

As with all of my lipsticks, I put it to the test – food and drink. The first day I wore this lipstick I was faced with the ultimate test – tacos. Typically, I’ll try to eat carefully so as not to disturb the carefully applied lipstick I’m wearing, but I wanted to push the limits as the advertisements suggested it was a long-wear lipstick that wouldn’t fade.

After three tacos and a brownie, I checked my lipstick. I was pleasantly surprised. While there was slight transfer from the inner ridges of my lip that showed slight fading, for the most part, the lipstick was intact.

Later, after drinking a cup of coffee, the white lid of the cup remained its original color. It seems Nudestix has formulated a successful taco-proof lipstick.

If you are unfamiliar with Nudestix, the lipstick comes in a tin box with a rectangular mirror glued to the inside of it. Because the lipstick is in a pencil form, a sharpener is included with each makeup product released by Nudestix. Because of this, the lipstick works both as a lip liner and lipstick because it can be sharpened to a fine point if desired.

The small, compact tin is versatile and an easy addition to a small purse, too.

The one downfall of the lipstick is the tendency for the matte shade to feel dry. I have purchased other Nudestix lipsticks that have a creamier Lnish and this one just feels drier as the day goes on. This is to be expected with matte lipsticks, because the finish is dulled out.

Overall, at $24 each, this new collection of lip color is worth the price and the unique shades make for a great addition to my makeup stash.



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