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Communal bathrooms’ crisis and the call for revolution

By Stephanie Bennett

Framingham State offers Grade-A facilities from the Hemenway labs to the quality sandwiches from Toasted located in the McCarthy Center.

The college has invested millions of dollars into the modern and superior dorms of North and West halls. But the University has seemed to have forgotten about the other guys living in dorms such as Corinne Hall, Linsley, Larned, etc.

Being a Linsley Hall resident, I cannot help but think I got the shaft.

Residents of the hall are outraged by the fact that the dorm’s shared bathrooms do not have proper hand soap or paper towels.

Ironically, there is a sign on the bathroom door that mocks the residents and their need for cleanliness, “For your health, Framingham State recommends you wash your hands for a least 20 seconds.” WITH WHAT SOAP?

In defense of the University, a hand-sanitizer dispenser is placed on the wall, but despite this fact, the ladies of the second floor were collectively outraged that such a common good like real hand soap was not supplied.

In the words of any Linsley Hall resident who favors the health benefits of soap, “WYD Framingham?”

Flabbergasted by my reality, I decided to take a stance.

I placed quality soap and paper towels in the bathroom.

The ladies who share the bathroom loved it. We felt liberated and hygienically sterile.

The Linsley Hall Floor Revolution had begun.

I didn’t stop at soap and paper towels. I went on to tackle a big issue that hit home for a lot of ladies on the floor – toilet paper.

As writer Mokokoma Mokhonoana puts it, “Nothing reminds one of how shitty inequality is more often than the fact that there are companies who make, and people who use, one-ply toilet papers.”

Nothing makes a person more homesick than being forced to wipe their backside with sandpaper.

Improvements had to be made. I am talking about three silky layers of softness improvements.

Quality toilet paper kicked out that abhorrent one-ply pulp that had been supplied by the University.

Small improvements resulted in an enhanced bathroom experience that restored the joy of the ladies on the floor.

With things going so great in the movement, ladies began to bring in other bathroom essentials to boost the communal bathroom experience.

Some items that were brought in were a cup to hold a toothbrush and toothpaste, a stylish toilet-paper case and lastly, a shower shelf/caddy to lay soaps and items on.

All items improved sanitation and health of the individuals that lived on the floor.

It is great that the women on the floor united and advanced the well-being of others. BUT we, as a student body can’t ignore this housing crisis.

We aren’t asking for fancy toilet paper or the nice shower shelf that was brought in.

All we want are the basic essentials.

Despite promoting handwashing, there is no real soap.

This is a problem.

How is the common student supposed to ensure their attendance and academic success if they cannot make it to class because they are sick with the flu that could have been prevented by soap and water?

It is time to step it up Framingham State and fork up some cash to supply the communal bathrooms on campus with real hand soap.

When you walk into any bathroom on campus, there is soap and paper towels. Why isn’t this the reality for the communal bathrooms in Linsley Hall and others alike?

To be frank, it’s time to honestly care about the essentials a student requires.

It’s time for change, Framingham State.

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