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Danforth Art receives annual funding from state

Dylan Pichnarcik / THE GATEPOST

Dylan Pichnarcik

Asst. News Editor  

Representative Jack Lewis of the 7th Middlesex district announced the Danforth Art Museum, located at 14 Vernon St, would receive $12,200 from the FY24 Cultural Investment Portfolio Grant (CIP) sponsored by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. 

In a statement Rep. Lewis said, “This grant, championed by the Mass. Cultural Council, plays a vital role in supporting cultural nonprofit organizations like the Danforth Museum.”

He added, “The CIP grant offers unrestricted operating support, acknowledging the crucial contributions of cultural entities in connecting communities through theater, music, visual art, and more.”

According to the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the grant provides funds to non-profit groups across the commonwealth to offset operating costs at institutions that “enrich Massachusetts cultural life.” 

The CIP generates $27 billion each year in the state's cultural economic structure. 

According to Jessica Roscio, museum director and curator, the Danforth has received funds from the CIP grant prior to their reopening in 2019. 

Roscio said she does not rely on the funds due to the “mercurial” nature of state budgets. However, given that they have received the CIP grant for a number of years, “We have come to rely on it [CIP grant] for our operating budget each year.” 

The funds from the CIP go directly to the museum and art school operations. 

Recently, the Danforth expanded their permanent collection and acquired works through private donations. The funds from the CIP grant did not go toward the acquisition of new art for the permanent collection. 

With the 2018 merger of the Danforth Art Museum, a Framingham non-profit organization, and Framingham State, the museum began receiving a yearly subsidy from the University, which, according to Roscio, “Strengthens us in every way. We are very grateful for all the funding from the University.” 

She added, “We’re also relying on grants, donations, and corporate sponsors.”  

While the Danforth is part of Framingham State, they still operate partially as a non-profit organization. 

Along with state and University funding, the Danforth receives funding from The FSU Foundation, which is an independent 501 c.3 organization that is not connected to the University's yearly budget. 

Roscio said, “The FSU foundation holds our collection. …They also hold all of our endowed funds, including holding our acquisition funds.” 

The funds held by the FSU Foundation allow the Danforth to purchase new works of art that are then held in their permanent collection, including work from recent FSU alumna Jenna Bailey, who recently had a pop-up sculpture exhibition at the museum. 

Members of the FSU community are encouraged by Roscio to visit the Danforth at any time. With a valid FSU ID, admission is free. 

“We are really happy to be a part of Framingham State,” she said. “I know a lot of people still have not had the chance to come visit us. … Take the pedestrian bridge over or use our ample parking lot.” 


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