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Fashion Club to award prizes to winners of Fashion Week events

By Mark Strom

SGA voted to allocate $1,295 to FSU’s Fashion Club to fund prizes for FSU’s Fashion Week, which will occur on the week of Oct. 6 – 9.

According to Kayla Person, president of the fashion club, there will be four events – one for each night.

The first night’s event “will be a meet up in Boston to attend Boston Fashion Week,” according to the club’s funding request form. There will be no prizes awarded during this event.

The second night’s event will be Fashion Jeopardy, wherein contestants answer questions relating to fashion. Fashion Club Treasurer Samantha Pajer said the first place prize for this event will be an iPad Mini.

The third night’s event will be a “Trashion” show, where contestants will – according to the form – “create a garment made of at least 75 percent unconventional materials.” The first place prize will be a Kindle Fire HDX, second place will be an iPod Touch and third place will be an Apple TV.

The fourth and final night will be a Masquerade Ball, for which “students will make their own mask and attend the dance.” The contestant who creates the best mask will receive an iPad Mini.

FSU’s Gaming Club requested $1,486.00 for 160 T-Shirts – 40 small, 55 medium, 50 large, 10 XL and 5 2XL – to be given to attendees of the club’s fourth annual “Last Night on Earth” Halloween event.

Nathan Stowes, SGA parliamentarian and representative of the gaming club, said the event will be held from around 2:30 – 11:00 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 31.

SGA approved the gaming club’s funding request.

In other news:

• During open forum, Student Activities Trust Fund Treasurer Cassandra Zullo expressed concern regarding the poor lighting conditions on and near the foot-bridge going across Route 9. “There’s been plenty of times I’ve tried to cross the street [near the bridge] and it’s like dodging for my life,” said Zullo.

• SGA will be participating in FSU’s FramFest picnic, which begins today at 5:00 p.m. and ends at 7:30 p.m.

• SGA will be meeting in the McCarthy Center forum on the second floor for the Sept. 30 senate meeting instead of the Alumni Room.

• During officer reports, FSU Student Trustee Brandon Martinez said there will be a sign-in sheet during open forum for follow up purposes. He added there will be “complaint forms” available in the SGA office after the meeting for people who wish to express concerns but are unable to attend open forum.

• SILD Program Coordinator Sharon Rivers will be on maternity leave for the next 12 weeks. Claire Ostrander, SGA faculty advisor and associate director of SILD, said, “If you are a student that’s supported by Sharon in any way, you will be supported by other staff in our office” until she returns.

• SGA seeks co-sponsorships for the Week of Kindness on the week of Nov. 10 – 14. Social Events Coordinator Sarah Cowdell said there are only two confirmed events – Rachel’s Challenge on Nov. 13 and a blood drive on Nov. 14. Clubs or organizations interested in co-sponsorship – whether it be to advertise, assist with or host an event – should contact SGA.

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