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Football survives with last second touchdown

By Jose Carrasquillo

On Nov. 4. Framingham State hosted Western Connecticut State in a high-scoring MASCAC matchup.

Framingham began the game following a deferral from the Colonials. After an Adam Wojenski

incompletion on first down, Quron Wright rushed for seven yards. Wojenski kept the chains moving after connecting with Nasir Thomas for four yards. With a new set of downs, Wright rushed for 22 yards on first down. Following a gain of zero on the ground, Wojenski found Khaneil Bruce for 13 yards. Wright carried the ball for back-to-back plays, gaining a total of six yards, forcing third down. On the next play, Wojenski’s pass fell incomplete forcing fourth down. Framingham failed to convert, which forced a turnover on downs.

The Colonials began the drive with a four-yard completion from Quinn Fleeting to Steven Swinson. Fleeting connected with Swinson again for 21 yards. Khalil Patterson picked up 12 yards on the next play to keep the chains moving. Fleeting hooked up with Zatrell Lyons for 29 yards to move the ball into the red zone. Patterson capped the drive off with an 11-yard touchdown rush. With the extra point, the Colonials took a 7-0 lead.

Framingham failed to keep its next drive alive, going three-and-out.

Western Connecticut State began their drive with a nine-yard completion from Fleeting. On the next play, Patterson lost six yards and the ball. Framingham’s Derek Welcome recovered the ball at the Colonials’ 25-yard line.

Wojenski connected with Napoleon Miller for 21 yards. Rufus Rushins punched it in from four yards out to tie the game.

Patterson began the drive for the Colonials with a five-yard rush. Fleeting’s pass fell incomplete to Lyons on third down, which forced a punt.

On third-and-long, Framingham kept the drive alive with a 29-yard completion to Stephen Beahn. Will Cowdrey picked up 14 yards combined on his next two rushes. Wojenski finished the drive with a 10-yard strike to Bruce. With the failed point after attempt, Framingham regained the lead, 13-7.

The Colonials and the Rams began to have offensive struggles, as each side punted the ball away for three straight possessions.

Following a Western Connecticut State punt, Wojenski found Thomas for a gain of 29 yards. Wojenski connected with Thomas for a 33-yard touchdown strike to extend the lead. Framingham’s lead grew to 20-7.

The defensive battle went on as both sides continued trading field positions for the next three


The Colonials began the second half with a seven-yard completion to Lyons. After a Fleeting completion to Jawad Chisholm, Gary picked up four yards forcing a third-and-short situation. Fleeting kept the drive alive with a four-yard rush, but Fleeting’s pass to Gary lost seven yards on the next play. Fleeting found Austin Calamita for a gain of 20 yards. Gary kept the momentum going with a gain of seven yards on the ground. Following a one-yard completion to Gary, he gained an additional 12 yards on the next play. Patterson’s rush for no gain forced a fourth-and-goal situation. Fleeting punched it in for a one-yard touchdown rush. The Colonials cut the lead to 20-14.

Wojenski began the drive by launching a 54-yard completion to Miller, which moved the ball into the red zone. After Miller rushed for two yards, the Colonials were called for a roughing the passer for seven yards. With a holding penalty on the next play, Wright picked up three yards after the call. Wojenski finished the drive with a 14-yard touchdown rush. Another failed point after gave Framingham a 26-14 lead.

Gary began the drive with back-to-back rushes for five yards. Fleeting found Gary for four yards on the next play. After a Fleeting gain of five on the ground, Gary gained no yards on his carry. Fleeting capped the drive off with a 28-yard touchdown pass to Gary. With the extra point, the Colonials cut the lead to 26-21.

Framingham failed to respond on the next drive, when it ended on a failed field goal attempt. Western Connecticut State failed to answer as they missed their 28-yard field goal attempt on their drive.

Wright began the next drive with an eight-yard gain. Wojenski then lost six yards and fumbled. The Colonials’ Haywood Alexander scooped the fumble for a six-yard touchdown. The failed two-point conversion gave a lead of 27-26 to Western Connecticut State.

After Wojenski’s incompletion on first down, he connected with Miller for 36 yards, but he fumbled the ball. Miller recovered his own fumble, setting Framingham up in the Colonials’ territory. Wojenski capped the drive off with a 27-yard touchdown strike to Beahn. Wojenski failed to convert the two-point conversion, putting Framingham up 32-27.

Framingham couldn’t stop the Colonials’ rushing attack as they strung off a fifteen-play, 81-yard touchdown drive. Gary was responsible for 48 of the 81 yards on the drive through his rushing onslaught. With the successful two-point conversion, Western Connecticut State regained the lead, 35-32.

With only a minute remaining, Framingham ran their hurry-up offense to try to win the game or at least tie it up. Wojenski connected with Bruce for nine yards, moving the ball to the Colonials’ side of the field. Cowdrey picked up 14 yards on the carry before being forced out of bounds. Following the rush, Wojenski connected with Bruce again for a gain of 11. Cowdrey picked up another seven yards on the rush to move the ball into the red zone. Wojenski completed a 15-yard dagger to Beahn for the lead with 10 seconds remaining. Ryan Clifford converted the point after attempt to regain the lead, 39-35.

Western Connecticut State only managed to complete one pass before time ran out and Framingham sealed the win.

Wojenski threw for 325 yards and four touchdowns. Miller, Beahn and Thomas combined for 14 catches, 282 yards and three touchdowns.

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