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Framingham gets Framin‘glam’

By Tessa Jillson

Fierce in style, makeup unblemished and striking in personality, perfection seemed to ooze off the DPAC stage as four drag queens – Destiny, Rainbow Frite, Lili Whiteass and Miss Kris Knievil – put on a dazzling performance.

As the road was covered in an icy blanket of snow and slush on Tuesday night, students packed into Dwight Hall, removing the thought of tedious weather from their minds and watched as the lights faded and the music engulfed them.

Lili Whiteass said the snow was a good omen. It snows every year they perform at FSU and in the future, if it doesn’t snow, she speculated something bad might happen.

The performance kicked o9 with Rainbow Frite, Lili Whiteass and Miss Kris Knievil lip-syncing “You Gotta have a Gimmick” from the 1962 drama-film production “Gypsy,” which is about the life of Burlesque dancers.

The group said they have been performing together since 1996.

Each drag queen had a specialized talent. Lili Whiteass had a strong voice and Miss Kris Knievil had the crowd roaring in laughter, but Destiny was the superstar of the group.

When Destiny was called to the stage, the crowd screamed 10 times louder. The other drag queens praised how beautiful Destiny was, comparing her to Beyoncé and other female artists. She eats a lot of sriracha to stay fit, they joked.

Destiny performed a mash-up of songs by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

Freshman Samantha Ross said, “They announced Destiny and the girl at the end of the row went wild. I was totally surprised someone was that excited. But when she came out, I completely understood why.”

When asked who does her dance mixes, Destiny said she makes them herself using GarageBand.

Lili Whiteass danced and sang throwbacks from the ’80s, including songs from The Bangles and Depeche Mode. Rainbow Frite lip synced “Barbie Girl,” and Miss Kris Knievil performed her comedy routine, which included a range of song parodies.

Days later, sophomore Elizabeth Stocks couldn’t stop singing Miss Kris Knievil’s parodies. “She was fabulous. ‘I love cock and balls.’ ... Hilarious,” Stocks said, referring to the parody of the song “I Love Rock and Roll.”

Lili Whiteass also had the crowd in stitches with her commentary on the current political climate. She told Trump off and advised him to “fix the water” in Flint, Michigan and to “watch” his mouth.

Although the show was comical, they all advocated universal diversity and equality during segments.

“We’re Americans and we’re all-inclusive,” Lili Whiteass said. “If you want to do something, do it now – don’t wait.”

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