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Framingham State’s Field Hockey falls short in a rainy double overtime thriller

By Tyler Wahl

The Framingham State Field Hockey team fell short in a heated game against Western Connecticut State Sept. 28.

With the team losing it’s last two games to Plymouth State and Salem State the team left it all on the field in this nail-biting double overtime match.

The weather was also less than favorable for the Rams Tuesday night, including heavy rain showers sporadically throughout the entirety of the meeting.

Despite the inclement weather, the team played with composure and a sense of confidence even when trailing 2-0 for a majority of the game.

Captain Isabella Kondi, junior, said the key to the team’s great performance was “just pushing the ball, making sure that we were spreading out the field, and connecting those passes, always having each other’s backs.”

The first half of the game was an intense defensive contest, as both the Rams and Western Connecticut State put zero points on the board. Despite the lack of scoring from the Rams, they had plenty of great opportunities in the last few minutes of the second quarter.

Unfortunately, that momentum was halted by a Western Connecticut goal scored in the middle of the third quarter. Despite valiant effort from the defense, a goal Dnally slipped by and the Rams were trailing.

Just a few short minutes after Western Connecticut State’s original goal, another one was scored making the score 2-0 with 3:26 left in the third quarter.

Although the Rams were in a tough position heading into the fourth quarter, it was easy to see they weren’t done yet. The team fought hard offensively and relentlessly attacked the Western Connecticut defense.

The Rams continued to Dght hard, resulting in two important fourth quarter goals to tie the game at 2-2.

The first goal was scored by freshman Abigail Clark and assisted by Kondi. The team erupted in excitement as the ball finally crossed the Western Connecticut goal line.

The team had the momentum and determination needed to bring the contest closer, and succeeded in tying the game up with a goal from sophomore Kaitlin Loughlin, assisted by Kondi once again.

The first 10-minute overtime started, and the defensive strength of both teams was put on display. The overtime finished scoreless and the teams headed into a second overtime.

Just a minute into overtime, Western Connecticut scored to win the contest 3-2. Regardless of the final score, it was easy to see that the team was happy with how they competed.

The Rams were able to keep composure in a high-pressure situation and although the team would’ve liked to pull out a win, Assistant Coaches Alanah Melanson and Megan Fountaine seem thrilled with the teamwork that was displayed.

“Our defense played really well” said Melanson.

Fountaine added, “I think all of us came in really strong. We definitely wanted it and we got those two goals at the end. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t capitalize on that ... but overall, I thought everything was great.”

The Field Hockey team looks to bounce back Thursday evening at Lasell.


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