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Framingham takes four set thriller from Westfield State

volleyball players line up before the start of the game
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By Danielle Achin

Sports Editor

The Framingham State volleyball team traveled to Westfield State to compete in their first conference game of the season where they claimed the 3-1 victory against the Owls Sept. 24.

The game started off with great intensity with both teams tallying points on the board, keeping the score close within a 5-point margin.

The Owls managed to tie the score 18-18 and eventually took the lead 20-19.

The Rams quickly took back control of the game tying the score 22-22 followed by back-to-back-to-back points, ultimately taking the frame 25-22.

Beginning the second set, the Rams took the early 2-1 lead. The Owls answered with aggressive plays resulting in both teams trading off the leading score for the majority of the set.

With FSU once again holding the lead 17-14, the Owls called for a needed timeout.

Returning to the court, Westfield immediately tacked on five points to the board taking the lead 19-17. With both teams determined not to lose the close scoring set, they continued to trade off adding points to the board.

Despite the Rams' efforts, Westfield finally took the set 25-20 and tied the game 1-1.

The game only intensified leading into the third set with Framingham running off with the 14-3 lead. The Owls’ score slowly crept up on the board but still trailed 18-9 against FSU.

Westfield managed to put 21 points on the board before the Rams took the set 25-21, taking the 2-1 lead.

The Owls remained steadfast, never losing stamina and started the fourth set taking the 6-1 lead.

The scoring advantage didn't last long and the Rams quickly tied the set 12-12 before taking the lead 17-16.

Moments later, the Owls took back the lead 22-21. Although Westfield was prepared to take the set and tie the game, FSU tied the score once more 23-23.

In the last seconds of the frame, the Rams managed to hold off the Owls from adding any more points to the board and took the 25-23 victory for the set and 3-1 win for the game.

Despite the team consisting of a majority of underclassmen, junior right side and middle hitter Sarah Sullivan was more than pleased with her teams’ performance on the court.

She commented, “We had to throw freshmen and transfers into new roles for the team to succeed. Overall I think they have all held their own really well. Everyone is still learning and gaining a better understanding of their roles. I think after the Suffolk and Westfield game, everyone is on the same page of what it takes to win and be a great team.”

Junior defensive specialist Emily Flaherty also acknowledged the team being so new to each other and expressed how much they have grown closer throughout the season.

She said, “Sometimes you have to start from the ground up, but we’re making incredible progress every day and I’m very proud of my team for all that they do to make that happen

“We had two very big wins this week against Suffolk and Westfield and I know these wins are coming from all of our hard work and I can’t see where the season takes us,” she added.

The Rams will continue to face off in the conference hosting their next game against Mass Maritime College Sept. 28, followed by FSU hosting another conference game against MCLA Sept. 30.



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