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FSU women's basketball soars past Curry 74-56

Adrien Gobin / THE GATEPOST

By Danielle Achin

Sports Editor

The Framingham State women's basketball team celebrated another victory with their win over the Curry College Colonels on home court Dec. 8.

The first quarter opened with both teams trading baskets, tying the score at 10-10. The Rams’ Flannery O’Connor broke the tie, adding six points of her own, and the Rams took a 16-10 lead.

The Colonels answered with six points of their own, but Framingham maintained the 20-16 lead heading into the second quarter.

After a slow start to the second quarter, Curry closed the gap to 11, but the Rams answered with a 15-3 run for a 35-19 lead.

The Rams’ Katty Haidul scored the last basket with a jump shot to reach a 37-24 margin at the half.

The third quarter opened with two free throw baskets made by the Colonels. The Rams responded with a 14-2 run over Curry and maintained a sizable lead throughout the remainder of the game.

In the final quarter, both teams traded baskets, with Framingham remaining at the advantage and for a brief moment, leading by 31 points.

In the final minutes of the game, the Colonels managed to add 14 points to the board, but it was not enough to outscore the Rams, and they ultimately fell to Framingham State 74-56.

O’Connor led all scorers with 25 points and 10 rebounds, while Haidul finished with 21 points and 11 rebounds.

With the victory and their overall record now at 7-2, O’Connor said the team is always looking to utilize everyone they have and play to their strengths.

She said, “We were hitting some shots on the outside, so then we were able to pound it inside.”

O’Connor said their next matchup is against Regis, and they will be a tough opponent.

To prepare for the game, O’Connor said the most important thing is to look at how the other team likes to play and to defend against them.

She said, “We just need to make sure we know who they are, their personnel, what they can do, and what kind of plays they like to run, and also make sure we know what we need to do on offense and really take control of the game.”

Framingham will travel to Regis College, where they will face off against the Pride in a non-conference matchup Dec. 10.



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