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FSU women’s soccer drops 1-0 loss to Wellesley

3 framingham soccer players and 1 Wellesley player going for the ball
Adam Levine / THE GATEPOST

By Adam Levine

Staff Writer

The Rams women’s soccer team hosted Wellesley College Sept. 21. Only one goal was scored by the Wellesley Blue, taking down the Rams.

Wellesley came out strong and put the Rams on the defense. Rams Olivia Colling and goalkeeper Jetta Oskirko were in sync during the first half. Colling was able to stop Wellesley’s advances on multiple occasions, with Oskirko in the net making save after save.

The Rams went on the offense and had an opportunity to score after 32 minutes of play. Aurora Kilrain saw a chance to score with a free kick, but the Wellesley defense proved unwavering.

Oskirko had another big save to end the half and kept the game at 0-0 going into the second half.

The second half began and both teams came out with fresh legs. FSU pushed down the field and saw an opportunity within the first five minutes of the half. The play was stopped with an offsides call, shifting the energy over to Wellesley’s offense.

Wellesley gave the pressure back to FSU and saw two opportunities at the Rams’ net. The first was a corner kick seven minutes into the half.

Oskirko once again held steadfast and protected the net. Five minutes later, Oskirko was there for another Rams’ save. Wellesley continued to attack FSU’s defense for the rest of the half.

Eventually, Wellesley’s Paige Stangston broke through and scored a goal with just 14 minutes left in the game.

With the Rams down 1-0, they were able to put Wellesley on the defense and pressure their opponent’s net.

Wellesley’s defense proved too strong, and the Rams came up short with a final score of 1-0.

The Rams fall to 0-7 in the season and 0-1 in their conference.

Oskirko praised her teammates as a “good defensive team,” specifying that “we have a really good back line.”

Assistant Coach Brian Linnehan reiterated his team's defensive edge as they have “definitely changed the formation the last couple games to be a little bit more defensive, and it's worked really well.”

The Rams look toward their second conference matchup at Bridgewater State Sept. 24, where they will be looking for their first win of the season.

Linnehan added Bridgewater State “may be the best team in the MASCAC,” and reminded his players to “stay positive.”

Oskirko is aware that Bridgewater “has some good strikers, so staying defensive is a big thing.”



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