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Gatepost Editorial: A focus on kindness

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

By Gatepost Editorial Board

In today’s society of high-tech gadgets and means of communication, it is unfortunate that in our own community, and on a national level, we have become indifferent to basic kindness.

A crowd of Texas high school students made national headlines recently for their behavior at a San Antonio burger joint Saturday, Sept. 21.

The students, from rival high schools, threw food, drinks and serving trays around the restaurant after watching their respective schools compete in a heated football game.

For the schools involved, what would have been a memorable and friendly rivalry is now known to the nation as an undeniable act of uncivil destruction.

And why, you ask, are we at The Gatepost writing about such an event?

As it turns out, a number of our reporters witnessed something similar occur at the yearly late-night Homecoming tradition, the Moonlight Breakfast.

Several witnesses reported that sticky, syrup-covered French toast sticks were thrown over the balcony railing above the cafeteria onto an innocent diner.

Not only did the dedicated employees of the Sodexo Dining Commons cook and serve a fourth meal of the day for students, families and friends to enjoy, but Midnight Breakfast was also an event that kick-started Homecoming Weekend.

The intention of this tradition is to remind everyone about the unwavering pride we have for being a part of the Framingham State community.

Alumni congregate to reminisce proudly about their Alma Mater, and current students, along with friends and family, unite to celebrate their school spirit.

Events such as Homecoming create a communal sense of “Framily” -something our community often forgets when going through the motions of an average week.

We live in a culture in which creating a civil and respectful community means calling attention to injustice, and taking measures to prevent bullying – the types of stories which, sadly, continue to make headlines.

Occasionally, though, the media will report on stories that involve an act of kindness or humanity. One reason stories such as these are newsworthy is because kindness is not practiced often enough.

We are encouraging everyone to start October with the right intentions and join SGA in the first-ever FSU Kindness Week.

We would like to acknowledge those in SGA who have played an integral part in making this weeklong event happen: e-board members President Larry Liuzzo, Class and Club Treasurer Ally Epstein, Social Events Coordinator Scott Shea and Administrative Assistant Meghan Daly Carlisle.

SGA will have a “Kindness Kickoff” from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the McCarthy Center Forum on Oct. 6 for a weeklong series of events centered around the theme of “small school big heart.”

Our hope at The Gatepost is for the entire FSU community to remember the lessons we can learn from this weeklong event. Be courteous, be kind and be aware.


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