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Gatepost Editorial: Celebrating a “Week of Hope”

The Gatepost Editorial Board

Following the donation of a new carillon bell system to the FSU campus in memory of Christa McAuliffe, we are reminded of our community’s compassion for its members – both past and present.

That compassion was celebrated last fall during SGA’s “Week of Kindness,” and remains an important part of the organization’s upcoming “Week of Hope.”

We at The Gatepost think it is admirable that SGA has organized a week centered around a sense of hope and community – bringing our campus closer together.

FSU students are hardworking. Many are involved on campus or have jobs and also manage to maintain a heavy course load. We at The Gatepost think it is commendable that SGA wants to instill a sense of hope in their fellow students and salute their dedication.

We urge students to pay attention to all the week has to offer and to participate in any way they can. A number of FSU’s clubs will be hosting tables about what they offer and how they each represent hope. The Nutrition Networking Group and the Psychology Club will symbolize “Hope for Health,” Alternative Spring Break and the Humane Society club will symbolize “Hope for Helping,” the Dance Team and Fashion Club will symbolize “Hope for Ingenuity,” WDJM and The Gatepost will symbolize “Hope for FSU.”

We at The Gatepost advocate for student involvement, because it allows FSU’s community members to learn more about each other and embrace our differences. We are proud to have a student government that strives to showcase its fellow students’ passion and ambition.

In many ways, next week’s “Week of Hope” embodies Christa McAuliffe’s motto, “I touch the future, I teach.”

We at The Gatepost think hope is directly related to students and their futures at FSU.

Whether they attend a “Week of Hope” event or stop to listen when the bells ring, we encourage students to remain compassionate and always be hopeful.


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