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Gatepost Editorial: Congratulations FSU champs!

The Gatepost Editorial Board

This season, three FSU sports teams are championship winners – the football team and volleyball team are MASCAC champs and the women’s soccer team are ECAC champs.

These teams not only won these titles this year, but it is the third consecutive year that the football team has won the conference title. It is the volleyball team’s second year as victors and the women’s soccer team’s second year playing in the championship.

Not only are these major accomplishments for the students on these teams, but they’re also

achievements of which the whole school should be proud. These titles represent the caliber of students who attend FSU. These students are dedicated, hardworking team players who take pride in being called FSU Rams.

These teams should be exceptionally proud of their achievements, but we at The Gatepost want to congratulate all student athletes for their dedication and school spirit throughout their seasons. FSU athletes represent our school through their sportsmanship, dedication and drive in every game in which they play. Every touchdown or goal represents a win for our school and a point for school spirit.

Student athletes act as ambassadors for our campus, showing the larger community the type of student who attends FSU and the hard work they are willing to put into the sports about which they are passionate. The sweat and dirt on their clothes are badges of their perseverance and drive to keep pushing themselves harder.

The heart that these students put into their sports is especially admirable when considering that they spend two-and-a-half hours a day, almost every day of the week, practicing and improving. When teams travel to away games, it sometimes takes as much as two hours to get to them. Once there, the team members spend hours at the game and then travel hours back to campus.

These students make this kind of time commitment and dedication, all while keeping up a minimum GPA, working jobs or being involved with other on campus clubs and activities.

Being a Division III school means that these students put their heart and soul into the game, making the sacrifices that are required of them, for the pure love of the sport. They are not driven by scholarships or national recognition – they are on that field or court because they love what they do.

Next time you are on campus and aren’t sure how to pass the time, attend a sports game.

You’ll have a great time, express your school spirit and see first-hand the skill and dedication FSU’s student athletes have cultivated.

We at The Gatepost admire and want to congratulate the student athletes who represent our school for their hard work this season and their well-deserved titles. Go Rams!


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