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Gatepost Editorial: Thank you for caring for FSU

The Gatepost Editorial Board

When official word broke that Tuesday evening classes were cancelled, the majority of FSU’s community members trudged o@ to their dorms and cars and made sure they were ready to hunker down to wait out the impending snowstorm.

Much to the disappointment of students who were hoping for a snow day, FSU was open for classes Wednesday mid-morning after a brief delay.

Snowstorms offer an opportunity to witness how hard our Facilities Department’s maintenance workers and custodians, FSU Dining Services’ chefs and other employees, and FSUPD officers work when the weather gets dicey.

More often than not, these essential departments do not receive proper recognition. As most students took advantage of the delayed opening of school Wednesday morning by sleeping in, the Facilities grounds crew was up and about plowing, shoveling and salting the campus, making it safe for travel.

Cafeteria workers braved the harsh winter wonderland and whipped up hot meals for students and kept the coffee pots full.

Living up to – sometimes even going beyond – its mission statement, the Facilities Department is devoted to keeping FSU a safe, clean and homey campus for students and faculty. Similarly, the FSU Dining Services team consistently prepares thousands of delicious and nutritious meals for everyone to enjoy on a daily basis. And FSUPD allows us to sleep soundly at night by patrolling the campus buildings, streets, and paths.

We encourage the FSU student body to share in our appreciation of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes and out in the cold to keep our campus’ safety and well-being up to high standards. Our dorms are kept clean, hot meals are prepared and campus grounds are well kempt, reflecting its traditional New England character. It’s easy to take these services for granted as the days roll by, but remember that the individuals responsible are truly essential here.

These employees are small in number, but make a significant impact that is felt throughout the entire campus.

A gesture as simple as a smile and a “thank you” can help solidify the bond between students and staff. And we at The Gatepost undoubtedly thank you.

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