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Gatepost Interview: Marcie Dineen, Area Director for Larned Hall

By Thomas Maye

What’s your educational and professional background?

I went to Bentley University as an undergrad. I graduated with a degree in marketing, and then I went on to get my master’s degree at Canisius College, which is in Buffalo, New York, where I received a master’s of science in college student personnel administration.

What motivated you to become involved in Residence Life?

I was involved in Residence Life and Service Learning at Bentley during my time there. I was putting more of my time and resources in both service learning and being an RA, and I enjoyed working with college students. I wanted to be in a Geld where things were constantly changing – no day at work was the same – and feel like I was making a difference, making the world a little bit of a better place.

What do you like about working with college students, and how do you feel it makes a


I love working with college students because they’re so energetic. They’re fun to be around. [They’re] constantly learning, constantly developing. I think that college is a really informative time, and I think that people go through really difficult things and start to figure out who they really are. I love being able to have those conversations with students about different things that are happening in their lives, how it’s impacting them and how they’re learning from them, actualizing who they really are.

What are some hobbies you have?

I like to run – I completed my second half-marathon in September. I like to maintain a healthy lifestyle – get fit. I also have three older siblings. I spend time with friends and family, travel a lot. I studied abroad in Europe and got to go to France. Even exploring Framingham itself – I think a lot of people underestimate what Framingham has to offer. I love going to the parks, restaurants and just exploring what the suburbs of Boston have to offer.

What’s something students may not know about you?

Well, a lot of students in Larned probably know I’m a Bills fan. I’m a big Wegman’s fan. I’m from the birthplace of Wegman’s, Rochester New York, which is also the home of the “garbage plate.” A garbage plate is half home-fries, half mac salad or baked beans, then you put cheeseburger or hot dog over it – it’s like a ground beef hot sauce. You mix it all together, and it’s the most amazing, disgusting food you’ll ever have.

Do you have any advice for FSU students?

I think my advice would be to fully engage in college. You’re paying a ton to be here – I think that’s no surprise to anyone. I think that classes are obviously important, but you’re also going to learn so much more outside of the classroom. Try new things because you will never have this experience again in life. People say that it’s the best time of your life – I wouldn’t necessarily argue that, but there’s also so many opportunities out there.

If there’s anything out there you’re interested in doing, go out there and do it. I love the Dance Team, for example – I’m their advisor. I love it because it’s an opportunity for people who always wanted to dance but never wanted to take it to a serious level. It’s an opportunity for them to try it out, but not take it too seriously. They can explore a new hobby. ... There’s more than just your job, and it’s important to think about what you’re doing in the post 9 – 5 life.

Any concluding thoughts?

I’m definitely happy to be part of the fRAMily on campus. That’s really corny, but I think that students think what we do as staff members is just a job, but we really value it so much more than that. I personally feel that I learn so much more from students than they’ll ever learn from me, and it’s so great to see the future of Framingham, the future of Boston, the future of our country kind of unfold. It’s an exciting, but challenging part of people’s lives.



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