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Giving back to your community

By The Gatepost Editorial Board

Each year, as you walk through malls or enter your local shopping center, there is usually someone asking for a charitable donation for some organization.

Often, people will throw in a few dollars or the extra change that is sitting at the bottom of their purse into the bucket. What many fail to realize is the importance of their donation and the impact it can have on other people.

Most of the time, they also do not take the time to learn about the organization they are giving to and what the charitable commitment of that organization is.

In the United States, there are some respectable charities whose charitable commitment percentage is over 95%. Direct Relief provides emergency medical assistance and disaster relief to those living in the United States and internationally and their charitable commitment is 100%, according to Forbes.

But while donating to national and international organizations is beneficial and can create change, there are local charities right here in Framingham and even on our campus that need your help, too.

Here at FSU, we have the Rams Resource Center (RRC) which provides non-perishable food, toiletries, menstrual products, and resource referral to FSU students, faculty, and staff.

The RRC is always welcoming donations and their most needed items include cereal, granola bars, oatmeal, shelf-stable milk, microwavable items, menstrual products (especially pads), and razors.

Donation bins can be found across campus in locations such as The Dean of Students OTce (McCarthy 504), Office of Enrollment and Student Development (Dwight Hall 306), and other locations that are identified on the FSU website.

Donating to on-campus resources such as the RRC is critical because it can help students who may have nowhere else to turn but FSU.

A donation of a box of granola bars or a bag of trail mix is never just a small donation because it can mean a student has access to an afternoon snack.

Most students may not be able to afford to donate items to the RRC, but they can volunteer their time to help keep the shelves stocked and ready to go for the next person who walks through the door.

For more information on how to donate, how to volunteer, or how to access the RRC, email the Dean of Students office.

The RRC is located underneath West Hall, and the hours of operation can be found on FSU’s website.

Students are also able to donate meal swipes to the University’s Emergency Meal Bank to help others facing food insecurity on our campus.

Students may donate up to one meal a week. This is a great way to give back directly to other FSU students, especially if you have an extra meal swipe you know you won’t need.

To donate, go to the FSU Dining Services website and look for “Donate a Meal” under the shop tab.

Currently enrolled FSU students are allowed to request up to Lve emergency meals a semester by completing the form on the FSU website. Students who may need more can contact the Dean of Students Office to discuss campus resources that may be helpful.

Academics makes being a student already stressful enough. No student should ever have to worry when their next meal will be or how they will afford it.

FSU also participates in charitable donations throughout the year. Just recently, FSU Campus Police and SILD partnered for the 7th annual Giving Tree event, which is a program that provides holiday gifts to children in need. With the donations, they were able to provide gifts to over 70 children, according to the United Way of Tri-Country’s Instagram.

Giving back to the FSU community should not be difficult – and it isn’t.

By giving back to our community and to other students, you are not only making an impact on

someone’s day – but potentially their life.

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