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'going...going...gone!' - hemlocke spring’s rousing debut

By Dorcas Abe

Staff Writer

Indie-pop artist hemlocke springs’s debut album “going...going...gone!” is 21 minutes and 24 seconds of pure enjoyment.

hemlocke springs, born Isimeme “Naomi” Udu, chose her stage name from an online word generator. She started writing songs to relieve stress during her master’s program in medical informatics at Dartmouth College.

“going...going...gone!”, released Sept. 29, includes four of her previous TikTok hits as well three brand new songs.

The album is a look at modern love and society in and following a pandemic, while also looking inward at the artist and her self perception.

The first song on the album, “gimme all ur luv,” was the first song hemlocke springs ever released in August 2022. The song is filled with echoes and synths with some fun sound effects that keep you from any amount of boredom.

The music video was filmed in her bedroom during the pandemic and replicates a telehealth therapy session. It is a lovelorn, but detached track about falling in love. The song and video truly capture the detachment felt by people during the pandemic and the uncertainty of that time.

hemlocke springs’s most popular single “girlfriend” is the second track on the album. This song introduces her signature of playing different characters on the track. The bridge previously went viral on TikTok and is truly fun and silly in a way that is reminiscent of the ’70s.

“girlfriend” is the song I recommended to my family. I do also hear multiple family members singing this particular track and if you are going to listen to any one song on the album I recommend this one.

Songs like “heavun” and “enknee1” both search the artist and society with extremely different sounds. “heavun” uses a ’70’s synth-heavy inspiration with punchy drums, a great display of hemlocke springs’ wide vocal range and vast variety of vocal styles. Whereas “enknee1” uses a much more traditional pop approach to ask similar questions about her place in the world.

“pos” is the first new song on the album, and a change to the fun attitude of the first four songs. The ironic and frank look at modern love and the difference between the internet and real people gives a look at a very different side of the artist.

“pos” is still an rousing display of her vast vocal talent. The song also has a music video that brings in multiple characters from her previous music videos such as Gina the puppet, the paper bag man, her blue and purple wigged alter ego, and her goth alter ego.

“the train to nowhere” is one of the new songs added on this album, and while the lyrics are not cogent, the song is hopeful. The song feels a bit too random for its serious tone, but it still fits in well with the album. It sounds like it could be used during an escape scene in a ’90s movie. The song creates a world in the listener’s mind.

The album ends with the title track “going…going…gone!” a song about running away from your problems. She uses the medium of ’90s alternative rock to convey the emotions. Her ability to command multiple genres solidifies hemlock springs as a true artist.

The album is full of fun pop songs that make you want to dance alone in your room. Her vocal talent is apparent on every song and is a truly exciting listen for all. From the varying genres and attitudes on the album, no listener will be left bored. hemlocke springs has grown greatly as an artist in a very short time and I look forward to the music she will make in the future.

A+: unapologetically fun!


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