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‘Golden’ - the album blessed with Midas’ touch

Liv Dunleavy / THE GATEPOST

By Liv Dunleavy

Staff Writer

As 2023 comes to an end, the Earth is once again graced with a new solo project from a BTS member. This time it was none other than the one and only Jeon Jungkook. His new album, “Golden,” features 11 full-length English songs which is a new album style for BTS in general.

With songs written by Jon Bellion, Ed Sheeran, and Shawn Mendes, and produced by names like DJ Snake, Diplo, and BloodPop, it seemed very out of left field for Jungkook as an artist, as his music released in BTS is generally a different sound and is also usually in Korean.

Don’t worry though - if we know anything about Jeon Jungkook - the “Golden Maknae” (or “Golden Youngest”) of BTS - it’s that he turns anything he touches to gold.

The album includes two pre-released singles from earlier this summer, “Seven (feat. Latto)” and “3D (feat. Jack Harlow),” so BTS fans, called ARMY, were very curious what the vibe would be for the other new eight songs.

Jungkook kicked off the album release on Nov. 3 at midnight with a stunning music video for the main track of the album, “Standing Next to You.” This smooth and funky song captivates you the whole time you listen, leaving you dazed as you consume Jungkook’s always impressive vocals and the song’s rhythmic beat.

The music video for the song gives a whole other experience. With Jungkook’s exposed tattoos and slicked back hair, he was not coming to play. The track features its own dance break where Jungkook lets out his inner Michael Jackson, doing some signature MJ moves and capturing all of our hearts - what a babe!

But the main track just barely grazes the perfection of the rest of the album. From the snippets released by the company earlier last week, everyone had no clue what to expect.

The whiplash I experienced from each song in the progression of the album left me dizzy. I never knew I could feel this many feelings in 31 minutes and 46 seconds.

My favorite song that’s been on loop is 100% “Somebody.” I honestly cannot even describe the physical gut-wrenching emotion that fills my body when this song plays. It’s a moody, emotional track that describes Jungkook’s need to end his relationship and his hopes his partner will find someone else.

I find myself replaying this song excessively. After seven days, I’ve listened to it over 400 times. Something about his sultry yet jaded tone of voice is so alluring. He makes the song sound like liquid gold.

If you’re looking for a new track to cry your heart out to, look no further than “Hate You.” This song is track number seven on the new album, and I'd describe it as getting stabbed through the heart, but with words. Honestly, I feel like “Hate You” is Olivia Rodrigo on crack.

The song is a ballad wherein Jungkook’s soft, heartbroken voice croons the most heart-wrenching lyrics of experiencing pain after a breakup. It seems like a soundtrack for some sappy K-Drama that makes us all cry harder than “The Notebook.” The level of emotion in his voice is comparable to an Emmy award-winning actor.

I can feel his pain, I can feel the heartbreak, the tears that I cry make me feel like I’m sitting in the room watching him experience his own heart breaking over this failed relationship. This song is a complete 180 from “Please Don’t Change” and “Yes or No,” two really fun dance-y songs.

Jungkook says in “Hate You,” “I’m gonna hate you, paint you like the villain that you never were … Hating you is the only way it doesn’t hurt.” I honestly cannot even express in words the way his voice trembles when he said that and I could hear - no, feel - himself breaking inside and out.

I feel like many ARMY felt excited and proud of Jungkook for releasing an all-English album. There were some skeptics who argued against an all-English release due to the fact Jungkook had no writing credits on the album.

I felt this way in the beginning as well, but now I realize these are songs Jungkook chose to work on, so he made a connection with the songs before deciding to put them on the album. And in the end, it doesn’t matter, as he has the power of Midas’ touch.

“Golden Maknae” stays true to his name, after all.

Rating: A+

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